Ten Mile, TN (Zip  Code designation)/Euchee, TN (actual community) is located about half way between Chattanooga, TN and Knoxville, TN.  It's about 5 miles north of Watts Bar Dam on Watts Bar Lake's eastern shore in Meigs County.  The station is located between Euchee Boat Dock/Marina and Hornsby Hollow Campground.


LaCrosse WS-2315

Oregon Scientific WMR-968


I've operated a weather station since 2007.  I started out with the Oregon Scientific WMR968.  The THGR968 humidity sensor went bad so I bought a LaCrosse WS-2315 as a replacement.  Later, I got a THGR122N, which is a solid state temp/rh sensor for the WMR968 that works much better.  I have added a Davis VP2 station on 6/2/10, so now I  have three major brands of stations on the same pole so that people wishing to compare stations can see real-time comparisons of the stations.  The 968 and 2315 are not made any more, so I have left them up there just to see how long they will continue sending data.
The The picture below was taken right after initial installation.  The 6-foot stepladder gives it a sense of scale.  The mast is 30 feet high.  More detailed station information and station constructions photos can be seen here.

This is a picture of the dedicated weather computer uploading the data every five seconds to CWOP, WeatherUnderground, and WeatherForYou/PWS.  All stations use WUHU software (It is great software.  I highly recommend it!)  That poor old computer is nearly 13 years old now (that's 130 years old in computer years!) and still chugging along.  All we have access to here in Ten Mile, TN is dialup internet (26.4 kbs), so uploading and downloading  is a challenge.

I am the Meigs County Coordinator for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS).  I have a 4-inch rain gauge used by all members of CoCoRaHS.  I use this gauge to make daily reports of rainfall and snowfall, and to calibrate the three tipping bucket-type rain gauges used on the stations above.
You can find more information and join CoCoRaHS here:

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