3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation - Extended Algorithms and Results on Our Own Dataset

Fig. 1: All the reconstructed object models in our current new dataset, including objects with transparent or translucent surfaces (shown in the last column)

Both the training and testing datasets can be downloaded from here

• Zhou Teng and Jing Xiao,  “Surface-based Detection and 6DoF Pose Estimation of 3D Objects in Cluttered Scenes", IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO), vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 1347-1361, Dec. 2016. (URL).

Scene Reconstruction through 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation

Fig. 2: Some scene reconstruction results through 3D object detection and pose estimation, shown in the video

More scene reconstruction results are shown in the images as follows: each one starting with an original test image followed by four images from front, left, right, and top views that display the corresponding reconstructed scene (If the image is not shown completely, please click the image to show it completely).

Fig. 3: scene_1_2

Fig. 4: scene_1_11

Fig. 5: scene_1_12

Fig. 6: scene_2_3

Fig. 7: scene_5_2

Fig. 8: scene_9_1

Fig. 9: scene_9_5

Fig. 10: scene_12_2

Fig. 11: scene_13_3

Fig. 12: scene_13_4

Fig. 13: scene_15_2

Fig. 14: scene_16_2