Grasping Planning for Multiple Objects

1. Problem Description

Fig.1 the working environment

As illustrated in Fig. 1, there is a 2R manipulator in the working environment, we need to grasp all these objects on the platform one by one.

2. Algorithms

This project will combine the heuristic searching with motion planning. We need to solve following questions:

1) How to find a good position so that the object can be grasped. For the reason that we will not focus for this part, we have a simple assumption that all the objects should be grasped at the top of it. The manipulator may no arrive at the exact position for grasping point, so if the distance between the manipulator end and the grasping point is less than a threshold, then the object can be grasped successfully.

2) How to find a path for moving the manipulator from the start position to the goal position to grasp the object. The wavefront algorithm with grid-based discretization will be used for motion planning here.

3) How to decide the sequent order of the grasping for all the objects. The heuristic searching will be used to find the optimal solution with the minimal path cost.

3. Experiment Results

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