Albany’s 400th Anniversary

People of Albany The First 200 Years +  by Peter Hess

Peter J. Jess is the author of 3 previous books about people buried in the

Albany Rural Cemetery. As owner of Albany Steel, he is a prominent Albany

businessman and former President of the Board for the Albany Rural Cemetery.

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Did you know that Jamestown, Virginia was the earliest English settlement but Jamestown was abandoned in 1699 making Dutch Albany the oldest continuous European settlement in the original thirteen English colonies?  Did you know that Santa Claus may have made his first appearance in the New World in Albany and that Santa Claus has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas?  Read about the earliest Van Rensselaers, Schuylers, Ten Broecks, Yates and Lansings. 

Learn about: Anneke Jans Bogardus who owned 62 acres of Manhattan Island just north of Wall Street-probably the most valuable land in the United States,  Kajingahaga and Agotzagena-the earliest Indian tribes encountered at Albany, the entire male population of Albany marching north to fight at Saratoga, all of the events leading up to the Hamilton-Burr duel that happened in Albany, the Albanian who drafted the document that was the basis for the Bill of Rights, the discovery of the Cohoes Mastodon and Cardiff Giant, and much more.


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