Coaches meeting

Head Coaches meeting outline

Aug 21, 2007


Blue Forms:

This is the leagues Game day form.

Put Team, game number(4 digit number given to each game by the AYL. NOT Game 1), date, and time on sheet as it reads on the AYL website.

Div/Age, conf, and field location (all self explanatory)

Sideline condition upon arrival: give your honest assessment

Home team/Visitor team scores will be entered after the game

Both Coaches sign the form (to game accuracy and sideline condition)

**Make the officials print their name and number on the sheet before the game** GET this information from them. They do not have to do it for you.

Answer the next 3 questions before the game

If you BOTH are waiving the min play audit, must be initialed before the game

Write down any injuries or ejections

If for some reason you want to protest the game, THIS MUST BE INITIALLED

The Formal Audit is done if you ARE monitoring playcounts (list the 3-11 players selected by the other team on the page. You are to have someone/parent on your team monitor each one of there plays. Please be sure which level you are as playcounts change with each level. Initial after every quarter and review. I would advise you make sure you can get those players all there playing time before the end of the third quarter so you are not sweating in the 4th.

The rest is filled out by the Refs


The AYL will fine you$ 100.00 if you fail to turn in your Blue Sheet. They will fine you $ 25.00 for anything left blank or filled in wrong.



Yellow Forms:

The yellow form is the play recorder for the game. Each team must have one parent from their team handle this job during the game. They are to stand on the sideline and record each play. Since our games are not run by a clock, but “plays per quarter” this form is critical!

Just mark an X for the home team play and line for the visitor play after each play. Kick off, Kick off return, and Punts DO count. PAT’s (even since we run them and not kick) DO NOT count. Also, dead ball fouls DO NOT count as a play.

The bottom box is to record the score. Mark each touchdown and extra point scored for each team/quarter. Have the recorder/parent give it to the Head coach at the end of the game.

On the back is a handy area to put the officials names and #’s, as the blue form will be turned in and if you have an issue after the game with an official this helps since they can be easily forgotten.

The Yellow form stays with each Head Coach. It is not turned in to the Refs. It is for our record if there is a conflict later, SO PLEASE KEEP THEM.



  1. There might be game number / score reporting via email to league after each game. Your score will be emailed to Jerry Dice in the following format. Game # Home teams Score then Visitor Score: I.E. Game 1623 Dolphins 62 Hawks 18. This must be done before Sunday at Midnight. (
  2. New Rules / info from AYL
  3. Schedules are up on the AYL site. Please check each week before your games. THE LOCATION AND TIME CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME!!!
  4. Jerseys: Home = Purple Away = White: However, whenever and wherever you play the Panthers and or Spartans, you MUST be prepared to change. I would strongly suggest that all teams ALWAYS have both colors with them at all times.



It is YOUR responsibility to keep your sideline looking better when you leave then when you arrived. All coaches should come to the game with large trash bags just in case there is not a trash can near by or if it is full. Just have you and the assistants make a quick sweep on the sideline and remove anything that doesn’t belong. FOR ALL TURF FIELDS: NO SEEDS, NO GUM, & NO CHAIRS ON THE FIELD! This is extremely important…



Castle Rock has put down the following requirements for all there fields: “Each home Dolphin team playing on ANY castle rock field is responsible for their sidelines, AS WELL AS the visitor sidelines after every game”. Please do the same thing; carry a few large trash bags and after the game make a quick sweep over BOTH sidelines and pick up anything left.


  1. Phone numbers: 

      Ref Manager: 720-254-4897

      FRED Head Ref: 303-695-1633


      Age Coordinators:

      Steve-303-912-7922  Doug:  303-688-1128 


      Jerry Dice:  720-371-7365


2 rosters for game, one for opposing coach

Blue sheets- Completed

Yellow sheets completed

Pink Sheets completed on line

Email in subject line put GAME # Home Team Score Visiting Team Score.IE… 1234 Dolphins 28 Hawks 6