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MAKE: Connected Home - Maker shed

Take a look at the "Connected Home" from MAKE: Maker Shed

Automate your home... Save Money... Tech it out !!!

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Turning your home into a "smart home" is easier than ever. All you really need is a sensor, an actuator, and a programmable controller to run the show. The most common controller would be the Arduino; it's relatively simple to learn, easy to connect, and it's reliable.

Ready to get started? Begin with our Getting Started with Arduino Kit and add a PowerTail Switch - this simple combination will enable you to turn your lights on and off based on ambient light levels, or turn on your coffee maker when you send it a Tweet.

Ready to do more? Add sensors such as the PIR motion sensor or PING ultrasonic sensor to enable your home to respond to proximity. Use servos and a temperature sensor (like those found in the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack) to open and shut your blinds in response to outside temperatures.

Want to create more complex home automation projects? The BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi both include onboard Ethernet (or use WiFi via a dongle) for creating cloud based projects. Want to open your garage door from work? How about start your dinner from afar? Either platform is capable.

After you have the basics, the sky's the limit! Below is a collection of parts to get started building your very own Smart Home!