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Engineering Technology 8

MAKE Project links

Dollar Store items for ideas. .99 cent stores or Deals

Reverse Engineering Project:

Here are the power points used for Reverse engineering, use them for your notes.

Click Here to go to the Google Slides presentation for Reverse Engineering

Use these presentations for your note. Questions on your assessment will be right from these slides.

Here is the link to the (RE) Reverse Engineering videos : Click here

Mobile Apps "Apps for Good"  Project:
You will be building two of your own Mobile Apps.

One of your mobile apps will be informative. You can choose to do your "I-search" project topic if you like. 

The other will be a game you build using FLOW-LAB. Click below to watch a tutorial on it. 

You will need to present your Mobile Apps on your E-portfolio for publication and a Grade.

Check out all the App Builder / Makers:

As of October 2014:
  • Flow-Lab .io - Click Here - Used to make your game mobile app

Last years makers, use at your own risk:

Hydroponics Project 

Your Hydroponics Project will be based off of Building a better Sustainable future in Crops and Food..

Hydroponics Project:

Here is the link to the 6 main Hydroponic System types:

You will be building your own Hydroponics Systems in class that will show your the Pro's and Con's of growing food via one Sustainable way.

You will need to present your Idea to the class to be voted on. The winning teams will then merge and either Build their Winning Design or improve on it and build it in class.

The MAJOR Items are listed: not all systems need all parts, make sure 

The minor requirements are as follows:

  • Budget 50 - dollars..  Lower the better
  • Includes everything you need to get it up and running
  • Most parts need to be purchased from a Authorized School Provider by Mr. Cook and not you...

Here is a list of some Authorized dealers

Use this Site to find prices for Items:

Seeds sites: 

Zone sites:

Local :  

Benjamin Brothers "True Value" Hardware -

Hackensack,  NJ -

Websites: Supplies -

Carolina School Supplies -

Ward's Science -

Link to Youtube Hydroponics Videos - Click here to view Playlist