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Engineering Technology 7

Project: Gamestar Mechanic - Video Game Design, and Buidling a Virtual Enviroment. 

Gamestar Mechanic Champions:

2016 - Q3
user: 21jfriedman
Gamename: Jake's Game

2016 - Q2
user: 21abishop
Gamename: try me

Click here for GameStar Mechanic Students game category list

For Mr. Cook's class Sign up here: Mr. Cook's GameStar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic Trailer from E-Line Media on Vimeo.


 - Please click here to go to the Game star Mechanic Reflections

Please answer them on a Google Doc, then embed it into your GameStar Mechanic page on your E-portfolio Site


5 Core Design Elements - Worksheet: Click Here

Video Game History:

Museum of Play: Video Game history timeline link: Click Here

The man who made 'the worst video game in history'

Project: Electronics & Electricity

*Arduino below*

SNAP Circuits:

First- Learn about Circuits

Play Circuits by Science Kids  Click here to play

Second - Start to get used to each Electronic Schematic Symbol

Practice with this site Click here to go to the Quizlet on Schematic Symbols

Build your own Circuits with Circuit Labs -  Click here to go to the Circuit LAB site and try the DEMO
Circuit Labs will be what I quiz you on for a grade...

After you get overwhelmed try this one... Click Here

Instructions here...Click for Instructions

Here are the SNAP Circuits we use Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits Designer Word file below. 

Click to download it or Click Here to head to the file cabinet that has it to download.

MAKE: Presents 
Colin Cunningham videos
Playlist : Click Here

+ Arduino +

Click here to head to the IEEC site:

Click here to head to the DMS Workshop site

Click here to go to the Codebender site

Robot Project:

Commercial - You will make a 1 to 3 min commercial "as seen on T.V. style". Can be LIVE or pre-recorded.

Commercial must have the following:

  • Purpose - What will the robot do
  • Plans - Designs and drawings or a Tinkercad 3D design showing what the robot will look like.
  • Cost - Wholesale and Retail price

How can I get one

Units: Energy add-on unit, time permitting

Electricity & Energy Games

Make sure you make a Page for each Game played or "No Credit"

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