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Engineering Technology 6

Q1 - Click here to take your Pre-Quiz on SIMPLE MACHINES

One of the First Topics we cover in 6th Grade is on Simple Machines:

Play this fun and Engaging Game from to LEARN about the different Type of Simple Machines

Click on the picture to learn about Simple Machines

Help Twich with Simple MAchines:

Click here to go to the Tutorials for 3D Printing

Build it WRITE

This project shows you how difficult it is to WRITE instructions for the entire population. 

Following the requirements, you will build a simple item and then WRITE the instructions for anyone else to build it.

  • Must use K'NEX
  • Must use more than 15 pieces, can not have more than 4 of same piece.
  • Can not have drawings or sketches

Once approved by Mr. Cook, use this site at K'nex to calculate cost: Click here to go to the parts site

Good Luck

After Simple Machines you will make some using KNEX

After KNEX you will begin the Bridge Building 

BRIDGE Building Project

Start off by heading to this Game site to play the Bridge Building Simulation Game...

Play all levels and take notes to place on your E-Portfolio

Click here to play the Game

Another Game Here

Bridge Building videos: Click Here

After getting used to "HOW" to build a Bridge...

Head over to learn about the "West Point Bridge Contest"

Read about the contest and start to design a bridge to win...

Click here to go to the "West Point Bridge Contest" Site

Bridge Resourcescourtesy of Mr. Lee

Bridge Basics

More Bridge Basics

Bridge Types

Toothpick Bridge Construction Tips

More Bridge Construction Tips

Truss Bridge Designs

Truss Designs 1

Truss Designs 2

Truss Designs 3

Bridge Designs 1

Bridge Designs 2Project