Ray Egerton

Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics, University of Alberta
B.A., MA., Cambridge University
Ph.D., Imperial College, London

Email: r...@ualberta.ca
Curriculum Vitae

Current research (with Dr. M. Malac, National Institute for Nanotechnology)

Analytical Electron Microscopy

NINT operates a Hitachi 300kV CFEG-TEM (with GIF energy-analysis system and holography facilities) and a JEOL 200kV omega-filter machine with cryo-stage (for soft materials research). Recent projects have included the investigation of alternative deconvolution techniques in EELS, the simulation and understanding of energy-loss near-edge fine structure, and investigation of phase contrast in TEM images.

Radiation Damage in TEM

We are interested in radiation damage in conducting specimens (knock-on displacement, surface sputtering) and non-conductors (ionization damage) and ways of predicting the damage rate and the conditions under which damage occurs. Also in methods for minimizing damage in microscopy or spectroscopy situations, as well as the use of radiation damage for nanoscale lithography.

For information on publishing in Micron, refer to http://www.journals.elsevier.com/micron/

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