Ray Egerton

Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics, University of Alberta
B.A., MA., Cambridge University
Ph.D., Imperial College, London

Email: r...@ualberta.ca
Curriculum Vitae

Current research (with Dr. M. Malac, National Institute for Nanotechnology)

Analytical Electron Microscopy

NINT operates a Hitachi 300kV CFEG-TEM (with GIF energy-analysis system and holography facilities) and a JEOL 200kV omega-filter machine with cryo-stage (for soft materials research). Earlier projects have included the investigation of alternative deconvolution techniques in EELS, the simulation and understanding of energy-loss near-edge fine structure, and investigation of phase contrast in TEM images. A prevailing interest is to understand the fundamental limits of analytical microscopy and how to optimize performance.

Radiation Damage in TEM

We are interested in radiation damage in conducting specimens (knock-on displacement, surface sputtering) and non-conductors (ionization damage) and ways of predicting the damage rate and conditions under which damage occurs. Also in methods for minimizing damage in electron microscopy and spectroscopy , as well as the use of radiation damage for nanoscale lithography.

For information on publishing in Micron, refer to http://www.journals.elsevier.com/micron/

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