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The ancient name is Balantrodach ( Stead of the Warrior ) 
The one time headquarters of  the Knights Templar in Scotland9 1128 - 1560 )

( By Archie Young )

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I hope that you will enjoy this site and that it will help  many at  home and abroad to find their loved ones, many of the  people of  the  Temple  Parish  moved for  one  reason  or another, some just  moved on  to other places within Scotland especially when industry started  in various local towns, others decided  that Scotland  or the UK was not for them  and so  decided to move to further parts of the world, indeed many  move  thousands of miles away where it would take a month or even four months to sail to their chosen destination.

No matter  what  our  ancestors done  they  were  pioneers, pioneers  in industry  and pioneers  in  starting new countries, we look at America and what the Scots  done in helping  set it up to what it is today, Canada would be mainly Scottish  perhaps  because it  reminded them  of their  homeland, Australia  would  also benefit from the Scots settling down there and again today it is also a beautiful country.

Our ancestors  were  not shy  of  work  they  sweated  blood  and  with  near  broken  backs  achieved  what they wanted, their  bodies would  be   dehydrated  with  the  amount  of sweat they would lose, I believe that  many a man and woman  would have  cried thinking  they had  made a mistake, what they did do was to make  wherever they  were a better place  for their children and  so forth, we can see all  that today  and I  am  sure if they could come  back  again  they  would  have no  regrets  regarding  their  decisions. It is because of these people I have decided to start this website.

My  love of  Temple started  in 2006 as  I am  a Scottish Knight Templar  and  was carrying out research there, as luck would have it I found  the first  Knight Templar  grave slab  resting in  the old ruined Chapel of St. Mary, this was only the top section of the slab but it is beautiful and now in Rosslyn Chapel for safety. http://skt.org.uk/ 

At Loanhead Study Centre I came across a document hand written by a  gentleman called  Mr. Conrad  Nistram, it was written some thirty years ago and some headstones he had missed out, as I visited the Temple site regularly those buried there I look on  as my friends, with this in mind I decided to make notes of the loved ones ( Friends ) there and photographed each one.

Thanks to the age of the computer and  digital cameras this turned out as a wonderful project for me, I felt I was going to give something back to  this ancient community  and here  it is at last, a community that has been there since at least 1160  when a Charter  was given to a " Robert of the Temple at Balantrodach ", yes the little Chapel has been there that long quite unbelievable.

I hope that this  will help some of  those out there  in this vast world to locate your ever lasting loving ancestors, hopefully  there will  be  a  heads tone related  to  your  ancestor and  if  there is at least  my job  will have been completed in bringing joy to you.

If there is a photograph of your ancestors headstone then please feel free to copy it for your Family Tree, should you require any help then please contact me and I will see what I can do. These photographs must not be copied or downloaded by professional  genealogists, if such people require them then they must ask me for permission first.

Please remember  that  the Temple  Village  Parish  was very  big  at  one time  so some of the ancestors you are looking for  may well  be  buried  elsewhere, there  was a  burial ground  at Clerkington  but sadly it is no longer there, none of the stones were  recorded that I know of, loved ones may have been buried as above Clerkington, Mountlothian ( No longer there ) Carrington, Whitehill Aisle, Stobs and Borthwick just to name a few. 

I spoke  to a friend who is a Funeral  Director and  he informed  me that  many old burial sites like Temple could have Lairs that are up to 10 feet deep and the  last burial in that Lair would have been about 1 foot from the top, this  all  changed because  of the  smell of  decomposing  bodies near the top.  Having thought about this I think personally this could be the case with Temple when we  think of  the amount of people that lived in the Parish at one time, the Temple burial ground could well be on top of another older one. Temple did not become Parochial until around 1450. 

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