Welcome to the Temple Village Burial Site

                                                 My non Masonic Scottish Knights Templar Order was today totally insulted by the local residents, 
                                                 26  June 2018  we were  to  take  part in  a  short  film  but  were  prevented  to  do so. I have for 
                                                10 years  worked on the history of  the area even for the Temple website, because of their actions

                                                I can no longer promote their little village, the film would have brought  many visitors to the area  
                                               but it seems that they do not want tourists to visit their village.

                                               I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but If they don't play ball with us then we do 
                                               the same to them so with this in mind I have deleted all reference to the Village and its history.  

                                                         Welcome to the Temple Village Burial Website

The area became Parochial in the mid 1400's so by this people started to move in and set up home and also work, people eventually die at some point so where do you put them, it was decided that grounds of the little Chapel called St. Mary's would be used. the Parish of Temple was vast so there would have been quite a few people around at that time, there were other Chapels around at that time fairly near to each other, Clerkington - Mount Lothian - Whitehill Isle - Moorfoot - Cockpen just to name a few, the ground as we see it today has been raised considerably in height and the burial Lairs would have been deep possibly 10 to 15 bodies.  

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