Eclectic Priests & Priestesses
The Divine Ancient Egyptian Goddess Ma'at
Est. Renpet MMI C.E.
Originally founded in the Common Era (C.E.) as an eclectic, syncretic,
religio-spiritually tolerant Kemetic Wiccan ministry:   
Hewet-netjer Kemet Wicca (Temple of Kemetic Wicca) blends traditional, spiritual, cultural, and ritual practices in reverence and praise of our Ancestral Spirits (namely, the Abydos Triad of Ausar/Osiris, Auset/Isis & Heru/Horus), Celtic Gods and Goddesses, Pharaohs, Mother Earth, Sun (Father Re), and Moon (Crone Goddess) in accordance with the 42 Universal Laws of our Goddess Ma'at of which we strive to live by in mind, body, spirit, and in service to the Deities of our Pantheons from a multicultural and ethnically diverse basis, with gender equality as a foundation and strictly adhered to em hotep. The Temple's ceremonial liturgy (Iru) is based upon the Ancient Egyptian Aeons and Cosmogony, (Cosmogeny) and  Calendar Festivals (Hebu) in praise and honor of the Neteru including, for example, the Pert Kheru Neter Ma'at Ceremony, Opening of the Mouth Ceremony (Ritual), Ceremony of the Lotus, Calling the Four Quarters (Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi, and Qebehsenuef), Offertory Ceremonies, Invocation of Khonsu, the Festival of Bastet (Bast), Festival of Heru, Festival of Opet, Festival of Sokar, Festival of the Dead, et alia.
Our basis of our teaching, studying, and practicing of Ancient Egyptian Religion and Magick (Heka) is spiritually inspired by the hand-scribed Templum Sacrum Libri (Volumes I - VI), The Corpus Hermeticum, and various texts of Astrologiae. Naturally, our tutelage has also been attained from the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts (i.e., funerary spells written on Ancient Egyptian coffins or sarcophagi beginning in the First Intermediate Period), and Funerary Texts (which comprise the Pyramid and Coffin Texts, The Amduat, Litany of Re, the Book of Gates, Book of the Dead, Book of Caverns, Books of the Sky or Heavens (and consist of the Book of Nut, Book of the Day, and Book of the Night), and Book of the Earth) of Ancient Egypt.
In addition, the Temple has members who are practitioners of Hoodoo, Santeria, Vodou (Haitian, NOLA Voodoo), and several other historically established, alternative ancient religio-spiritual traditions.
We are very studious and academic in our approach to theological learning, practicum, and training. Not only do our Priestesses and Priests apply themselves
to personal rigorous educational endeavors, they engage in a spiritually led process of multitudes of reading, analysis, expository writing, recitation, and oration.
The Temple of Kemetic Wicca is indeed humanistically focused, positively environmentally (green) centered, and grounded! Yes, our spiritual work is good holy work just as any other religious denomination.
Excellent verbal and written communications skills are an expectation of major importance as priest and priestess representatives of the Temple of Kemetic Wicca. Our clergy must be well-educated and able to communicate objectively (verbal and written skills) with diligent, well-crafted articulation and without ever evangelizing, proselytizing, indoctrinating, or pressuring anyone with fire and brimstone damnation scare tactics! We ARE NOT a cult and we surely ARE NOT devil worshippers.
We are indeed worshippers of the Earth and Mother Nature from a non-invasive, holistic perspective circumferenced in holy polytheism and protection.
For, we are not about converting, brainwashing, or indoctrinating anyone; we condemn such practices.
However, we are certainly spiritual servants, messengers, conduits, psychic mediums, and intermediaries of our Divinities - sharing nothing more and nothing less than goodwill, peace,  and positivity to everyone. 
The Temple's theology and theosophy are all about your right of free-will  and your freedom to choose your own religious belief system or spiritual path under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
We are altruistically about helping anyone who seeks our spiritual counseling assistance. Conceptually, in theory and practice, this website explores the theosophy and philosophy behind the Temple of Kemetic Wicca.
Please Note: At this present time, the Temple of Kemetic Wicca IS NOT accepting new Dedicants-Initiates. We will post a message here once we are able to accept new applications for consideration to be trained into the Priest/esshood of the Temple of Kemetic Wicca Theological Seminary.
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Daily Devotions

Performing your daily devotions will keep your spiritual and psychic energy levels high and in tune for when you need to work with them.

When you follow a magickal path, your growth and success will depend partly upon your ability to focus and direct charged energies as you send them out into the universe for whatever intended purpose. If you ignore your connection to magick energy, then it will weaken over time as will your gifted power(s).  This is just one of several major areas where performing daily devotions are especially important whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner of Wicca or other Pagan religio-spiritual tradition. 

Daily devotions will help in strengthen your ability to control your inner spiritual energy and the energy you draw from the Universe. Having a daily devotional routine helps in easing your ability to raise needed energy, at various times throughout your day, for spellwork, rituals, and ceremonies. Think of daily devotionals as short rituals of energy boosting and empowerment because they strengthen your connection to Deity, Loa, Orisha, the Spirit Realm, and of course the Universe. An additional benefit of this is that devotionals deliver unto you and your life a set of useful positive energies for doing good work, healing, prayer, and more.

Consider choosing a devotional routine or method and schedule which feel right and comfortable for you so that you will be excited about performing your devotionals each and every day. For instance, you can do all of your chosen devotionals at one time; you can spread them throughout the day; or you can perform them based upon your spiritual path's calendar of ceremonies and rituals. Our advice, here at the Temple of Kemetic Wicca, is the same for those of you who want to begin meditation. Your ultimate goal through doing daily devotions is to bring about positive emotion into your heart and spirit.  

There is no set-in-stone rule or decree that states what you must do. For example, you may choose to scribe diary entries into your Book of Shadows every night before bed. In your Book of Shadows, you may wish to keep track of where negative patterns are in your life, have recently entered into your life, and work to rid yourself of them by using your positive strengths, energies, and mental attitude. You can achieve this by spending a few minutes per day breathing, meditating, and visualizing positive things to create positive energy and attract those things you desire to happen in your life. 

You may light one or several candles during this time; it is all about your comfort zone which will in producing the positive results you seek. The same hold true for using background music. Some of our practitioners drum as their daily devotional or even read poetry aloud. Times of day: You may choose to perform your devotions every six hours beginning at 6am; you may wish to do an extra special devotional upon a new or full moon (Esbat), holiday (Sabbat), or birthday; practice the DDTM or DDTS ritual in order to perfect your presentation technique; or there may be times where you may want to hold a group devotional.

We prefer and urges our members to perform their devotionals in their sacred space (e.g., altar room, meditation area or space, outdoors if possible among Nature, etc.). Here is a short list of some devotionals that you can do--select one that you feel comfortable with:

Morning, Mid-Day, Afternoon, Evening, or Mid-Night
  • Wake-up Devotional
  • Connecting to the Lady and Lord
  • Connecting to the Divine or Infinite Universe 
  • Energy
  • Greeting Devotionals to the Spirits or Elementals (Earth, Air, Fire and Water; Chinese: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal)
  • Connecting to Nature and the Earth Mother 
  • Connecting to the Earth Father (e.g., the Green Man)
  • Journaling
  • Food and/or Libation Blessing Devotional
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Visualization 
  • Exercises
  • Working with Energy 
  • Learning a new concept, for example, within your spiritual path 
Note that none of the devotionals you perform should tire you out. And you should never be in a situation where you “dread” doing them.  You should look forward to doing them with genuine joy and excitement; so make sure you select devotionals that work best for you.

For now, let us stroll through the four powerful steps of “Working with Energy” Daily Devotional: 

1. Sit in a comfortable position, and begin the basics of your meditation exercise. Once you have emerged into the stage of slowing and controlling your breathing, open your eyes.

2. Take your hands, palms facing upright, and vigorously rub them together. While you are doing this, start calling the energy from around you into your sacred space and thus your palms. 

3. Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing each other about twelve to eighteen inches from your face. This works best if you have a solid, dark background in the direction you are facing.

4. Focus upon your hands while gently infusing the energy into your body, out from your palms. When you feel the flow is good and strong, shift your focus to just past your hands, at a point on the background beyond them. Can you see the ethereal, nebulous energy between the palms? If not, with practice you  will see this. Once you see the energy there, concentrate on making it brighter and darker (i.e., increasing and decreasing the intensity of the energy) and increasing and decreasing the flow of energy. Continue working with this plume of energy on a regular basis until you become comfortable with managing, manipulating, and directing this manifested entity. Get comfortable with this energy by shaping it while noticing how this energy changes in shape and intensity.

To conclude and as we are well aware, the Great Pyramids were not erected in a day or two; so as this is with learning how to perform your daily devotions. This manifested energy is indeed the same used in rituals, spellcasting (spell casting), etc. I hope that this helps everyone in their spiritual practice as a way of adding to and building upon your metaphysical growth and enlightenment. 


~ Dr. Kheti A. Sahure

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