Job Readiness

Online Support
These online resources can help you get started on your job search or career change! They include career assessment and career planning tools that can help you sort out where you want to go.

GoodProspects is a great site to help you sort out your career goals, plan your next step, and even find a virtu
al mentor to guide and encourage you!

Women Employed’s acclaimed Career Coach program guides you through the steps to finding your best career, gaining the education and skills needed, navigating the application process, and continuing to excel on your new career path.

Worker ReEmployment website from Career One Stop - employment, training, and financial help during job transition. Many resources are available to help you get started with looking for a job, planning for re-training, and so much more.

Texas CARES is a work and education resource that helps you sort out the types of work and/or education you might enjoy doing. And you don't even have to log onto TWC to use it!

If you are wondering what type of work you might like to do, here are some interest surveys that may get your creative juices flowing. These surveys are not designed to say you have to do something, but to open your mind to things you might be interested in and do well.

Education Resources

Temple College is a great place to start. They can help you prepare for the GED or get the basics of a new career. Check out their website when you're ready to get learning! Call 254-298-8599 for information about GED classes.

Central Texas College in Killeen is a great resource as a place to jump-start your education. They have GED classes throughout the Killeen-Harker Heights community. One location is our Goodwill Learning Center on Stan Schlueter. They also offer many degrees in different career areas. Check out the college website here!

Texas A&M University, Central Texas is a great place to continue your education for a four-year bachelor's degree in a multitude of area.

GCF LearnFree has classes on Basic Math and Basic Money skills as well as computer skills. They also have online classes on basic Life Skills. El sitio web está también disponible en español en la

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