Dues & Donations

Firstly, the dues are suggested as a minimum. We encourage members to pay more if they are able, as we are working to keep Temple Jacob a truly viable and vibrant congregation. Dues are due by 1 Sept according to the ByLaws. Keep in mind, as always, dues can be paid in installments by prior arrangement with the treasurer and that any member with a financial hardship is encouraged to speak withthe treasurer about finding a dues level that is appropriate for them. Of course, the synagogue never asks for proof of gross income. Receipts will be mailed out immediately!

Members approved a revised recommended table. The suggestion is to 
contribute 1 - 1.5% of annual gross income.

Family Gross Income                                    Annual Commitment
$0 to $25,000                                                    $150 to $375
$25,000 to $50,000                                           $250 to $750
$50,000 to $100,000                                         $500 to $1,500
$100,000 and over                                        $1,000 to $1,500

Temple Jacob Dues / Donation Form
Please use this form to pay your dues and/or to make a generous contribution to the synagogue. The form can be printed and mailed to:
Temple Jacob, P.O. Box 273, Hancock, Michigan 49930. We appreciate your continued support.





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Please accept my/our membership dues of $____________________.

Please accept my/our contribution to Temple Jacob of 
Special notes:

Endowment Funds

The Temple Jacob First Century Endowment Fund

Our Community:
Our community includes current and past members, families who are 
part of the history of the congregation, seasonal residents, those who 
attend school here, those who visit, members of our extended 
community both in the Copper Country and across the country, and 
others who understand the importance of a Jewish community in the 
Copper Country.

Temple Jacob First Century Endowment Fund will help to ensure the 
financial, physical, and spiritual health of Temple Jacob in its second 
century. With these funds, we will preserve the past, enable the 
present, and insure the future. We encourage those who find value in 
an institution that serves the needs of the Copper Country Jewish 
community to give generously to maintain and increase
Temple Jacob’s vitality.

A small portion of the monies raised will be used to take care of a few 
immediate needs, but the bulk will be used as an endowment to fund 
long term needs in perpetuity. We have a vision of a congregation that 
enters its second century securely. We will honor the rich history of 
the congregation and prepare for the future needs of the community. 
We will meet these needs through five funds: a Memorial/Cemetery 
Fund, a Building Fund, an Education Fund, a Religious Fund, and an 
Archives Fund.

The Memorial/Cemetery Fund will be used to maintain the Jewish 
cemetery and synagogue memorial plaques.

The Building Fund will be used to maintain the physical structure of Temple 
Jacob. Immediate needs include repairing the stone wall, front steps, and 
building cracks; removing lead paint; and redecorating the social hall.

The Education Fund will be used to expand the role of Temple Jacob as 
the source for Jewish education. We will use the funds to serve diverse 
education needs, which include developing and implementing children’s 
classes, growing and expanding the library, and developing adult education 

The Religious Fund will be used to improve the ability of Temple Jacob to 
serve the spiritual needs of the Copper Country Jewish community. We come 
from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of needs. Possible uses of this 
fund include a more frequent rabbinical presence, a summer rabbi in 
residence, camperships, supporting adult learning and leading opportunities, 
and religious objects.

The Archives Fund will be used to organize and preserve the history of this 
community; to place Temple Jacob on the state historic register; and to have 
the history of the first 100 years of the community documented. This fund will 
guarantee that archives of the community are maintained and that we can 
continue to document our history.