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Shabbat Tomorrow and Break the Fast

posted Oct 6, 2016, 10:56 AM by Andy Fiss
As part of our Days of Awe programming, we'll be continuing with Shabbat services tomorrow night (6pm) and Torah study Saturday morning (10am). As usual, we'll start with a potluck tomorrow night and move into the sanctuary at about 7pm. Please bring a dish to share!

Speaking of dishes, we are still in need of contributions for our potluck Break the Fast. Temple Jacob will provide bagels, whitefish, and cream cheese but we need other things to round out the meal, such as:

sliced tomatoes and onions
fruit plates
tuna salad
egg salad
grape juice

We already have people contributing kugels (potato and noodle), a couple of salads, soup, and a couple of desserts. Please contact Debbie to coordinate your contributions. Thank you!

Best wishes for a sweet new year!