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Geneology Study Class

Temple Jacob Geneology Study
Bobbie Fleischman and Mike Smith are offering to help Temple Jacob members learn how to do family genealogy. Please let Susan know if you are interested so we can schedule a time to meet. See below and attached.

Have you ever wanted to know your family history?  Wanted to follow your roots back to its immigrant past?  Wanted to know if there are members of your family unknown, but very much alive?  Wanted to try and piece together as complete a picture of your heritage as possible?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be interested in a proposed class on Jewish Genealogy.  The class, to be held approximately once a month and free of charge, would be presented by out-of-town supporters of Temple Jacob – Bobbie Fleishman and Mike Smith of Eagle River, Wisconsin.
Bobbie and Mike are uniquely qualified to lead this class.  They both became interested in genealogy six years ago.  Through trial and error and dogged persistence, they have taught themselves important research skills. Their successes include finding family in Canada, Uruguay, and Israel. This summer Bobbie’s reward for her efforts resulted in a visit to Israel to meet more than 50 cousins.
If you are interested in learning critical research skills to help you track down your family’s history please contact  If there are enough people interested in the genealogy class you will be contacted to find out the best time to meet.  
UPDATE: Roberta Fleischman and Mike Smith are proposing the following dates for the
first JEWISH GENEOLOGY workshop:
either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Jan. 28, 29, or 30th.  If these are
impossible the following week - same days/nights. a 2 hour session. A chance
to learn more about your family tree . . .

Please e mail Susan at or phone 482 3270 with your
preferred date.

Bobbie & Mike will e mail preliminary info to you after you have told us
that you are interested.

Reminder: first session of the Genealogy class meets at 5 pm Tuesday 5 Feb
at the MTU Library. If you are interested and you haven't yet signed up, you
can still come . . .