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7/15 Musical Shabbat Service

posted Jul 6, 2016, 7:19 AM by Andy Fiss
Please join us for an informal shabbat service next Friday, July 15, 6pm at Temple Jacob! Ruthie Seidner, a synagogue music director based in Chicago, will help lead us in song and prayer. If anyone would like to meet with Ruthie earlier in the week, we have the following plans:

Around Ruthie Seidner's visit, using her musical and liturgical expertise, we'd like to explore possibilities for regular Shabbat service (not necessarily every week, but perhaps on a monthly basis). Because we don't generally hold ordinary Shabbat services, we'd like to spend some time finding out what everyone wants in a service: finding common ground among our wonderfully different backgrounds, experiences, and preferences. 

To allow for these discussions and for some time to rehearse the music we choose, we're scheduling some meetings during the week Ruthie will be in town. If you can't make all the meetings, of course you're very welcome to come when you can. 

All are emphatically welcome to the service on Friday the 15th. 

Here's the schedule:
Tuesday, July 12, 4-7pm: Initial discussion and rehearsal at Linda's house. Feel free to bring snacks; if the fancy strikes us, we can order pizza.

Wednesday, July 12, 4-7pm: Same place, same general plan. We'll start to firm up a repertoire and do some rehearsing.

Friday, July 15, 10am-12pm: Meet at the synagogue to rehearse in the space.

Friday, July 15, 6pm: Meet at the synagogue for service and pot-luck supper.

Livvy may be able to babysit, if that's a concern for anyone. Thanks!