Mitch Temple:  Connecting People and Opening Paths Across the Christian Market

Every path into the Christian market winds through denominations, emphases, influencers, regions, churches, business models, mindsets, ministries, media, organizations, channels . . . and decision-makers. To successfully, sensibly reach the Christian market, therefore, calls for a guide to its opportunities—and to its gatekeepers.

From 25 years across the evangelical landscape—from large, far-reaching resources such as Focus on the Family and Family Life, to decades of church service, to the one-on-one of Christian counseling—Mitch Temple has the view, the strategies, and the relationships that connect dots for non-profit and for-profit projects.

When a plan is sitting in front of you, an early question is ‘who can help make this happen? If you have an an idea, a product, a ministry, a service, an event, a message . . . if you know your part but can’t know all the Christian market . . . to enter right channels, to tap networks, to meet right people, and to review strategy . . . speak with Mitch Temple.

*     At Focus on the Family . . . Mitch helped create and build the Marriage Initiative –engaging millions of men and women. He developed the department’s strategy and branding, produced national-level live events, created websites, social media channels, DVD series, and led successful marketing campaigns. Most important, along the way he formed and secured long-term key partnerships with people at every level and with organizations of every size.

*     Mitch’s strengths are relationships and creativity—helping organizations find beneficial common ground, closing loops with openness and trust while tapping into off-the-charts creativity.  He can listen, observe, and intuitively know the layout and translate big ideas into simple plans.

*     Other past clients include DaySpring Cards, Family Life, Leading Christian authors, Christian    Music Artists and National Marriage Week, Inc.

*   Currently, with Provident Films, Mitch helped shape strategical alliances as well as shape content on films such as FIREPROOF, THE GRACE CARD, and COURAGEOUS.

Endorsements/ Contact Information:

“Mitch was among the first to develop a true vision for marriage at Focus on the Family, and then he had the skills and gifts to bring that vision to life. For a dedicated, multi-talented person to lead a high-profile task with competency and integrity, look no farther than Mitch Temple.”Clark Miller, CSO, Focus on the Family

“Mitch is gifted at building authentic, win-win relationships on both professionally and personally. Our organization benefited tremendously by his ability to connect and establish relationships with other people and organizations to further the impact of all involved. Mitch is also passionate to ensure meaningful impact; he works tirelessly on the most important things to get there.: -Rich Bennett, V.P., Focus on the Family

“Mitch negotiated far-reaching partnerships with key ministries and helped shape the communication pieces around the uncommon films that reach into the hearts of audiences."  -Kris Fuhr, VP, Provident Films

Mitch Temple has a special gift of making difficult issues crystal clear. Combine that with his rich, practical experience and you have someone who can help anyone find the right ‘next steps.’ He sure helped clear the fog for me and my team.”-Robert Lewis- Nationally Known Author (Raising a Modern Day Knight) and Founder of Men’s Fraternity (National network of over 15,000 chapters).