St. Andrew-St. Charles Episcopal Church

In August 1989, TBT sold its building at Woodley & Parthenia and became "tenants" at our present location at 16651 Rinaldi Street in Granada Hills, sharing the sanctuary and facilities of the SASC church.  This relationship has been warm and caring and sharing and welcoming over the years, even with some of the church choir members singing in our choir, and vice versa!  Several of the SASC choir members are Honorary Members of TBT!

When you first visit TBT, you will walk into a sanctuary that will be entirely Jewish for our services.  All of the church's religious articles are removed when we have services, and all of ours when the church has services.  We are respectful of these facilities, and we ask our members and guests to be similarly respectful.  This is our home, but it is also a church, and new members and visitors will become comfortable with the arrangement in a short time.

Our Shabbat services are always on a Friday evening, when the church has nothing scheduled.  We use the sanctuary, social hall and kitchen, always being mindful that we are using the facilities of a wonderful group of Christian friends. We also use classrooms for meetings during the year, and we have our own Temple Office in the building. 

When their are scheduling conflicts, we always work out a solution - there have even been instances when we use the Sanctuary on a Sunday for High Holy Days services and the church kindly holds their services in the Social Hall.  During the Christmas season, we will hold services in the Social Hall because of the decorations in the Sanctuary.  The same holds true during the Easter season.  

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