Yahrzeit Dates and Observance

posted Mar 5, 2012, 10:59 AM by Arnold Daitch   [ updated Jul 22, 2012, 2:10 PM ]
Below is an interesting link some of you might find useful.  You can enter the date of death of a loved one as a Julian calendar date, and the result will be the corresponding Jewish Calendar dates annually until 2050. Temple Beth Torah observes Yahrzeits on the Julian Calendar date, as is the policy of the Reform movement, but observers may request observance based on the Jewish calendar.


1. As is the Reform Judaism policy, Yahrzeits will be observed and names read in accordance to the Julian/English calendar date of death, rather than by the Jewish calendar.

2. Names on plaques on our Memory Board will be read at services, without exception, in accordance with #6 below.

3. Names of deceased relatives of current members will be read at services without exception, in accordance with #6 below.

4. Names of deceased relatives of former members will only be read at services if a donation has been made to the temple for a one-time observance, in accordance with #6 below.

5. Other names may be “called out” at services if the attendee wishes to make a public observance. 

6. Names read will represent Yahrzeit dates since the previous service, and until the date of the current service.