VLC Home and Information Center

Purpose of this page: Use the information center to invite the school community into a giant collaborative space where many contribute and all profit from the information, help, projects, exhibitions that creates a wonderful teaching and learning community. Check out the Help Center tab above for suggestions on how to get started in your school with this template.

Learning Commons Information

Depending on what you have on the sidebar to the left, this space might contain:
  • a photo of the LC staff with contact information
  • a site orientation (maybe a screencast?)
  • a calendar with LC events that students and teachers can use to "reserve" areas of the physical learning commons
    ...anything VLC users need to be able to find what they need here or in the physical learning commons.

This entire page might be under the total control of the Learning Commons Staff, much like the older library web site.

VLC Examples:

Draw Them In

You might use this space to draw students into the VLC.  You might feature:
  • a slide show or student-made videos,
  • showcase clubs,
  • sports teams, or
  • outstanding learning experiences,
  • current campus hot topics (maybe link to a blog or discussion board), etc. 

This section should be dynamic...something that makes students want to "check in" and see what's new. And it might be brought forward from the School Culture page so they click here to connect.

VLC Examples:
Learning Commons 2.0

You might use this space for:
  • Learning Commons Events,
  • your library's twitter or facebook feed,
  • rss feeds of "review" blogs,
  • new library materials,
  • upcoming PLC/VLC events, surveys, etc. 

This space should focus on how users can interact with the VLC/PLC/Teacher Librarian or other LC staff such as the teacher technologist, reading specialist, etc.

VLC Examples: