This site documents experiments on Google Blogger Layout templates and stores the collection of those templates. By following the documentation of the experiments, the reader should become familiarised with the anatomy of a Blogger Layout template in order to  design one.

The most essential knowledge to acquire to enable you to design Blogger Layout templates is the understanding of the behaviour of blog elements and how to position those elements of the blog on a page. After which, the formatting, images and background would fall in place easily. This site is for learning how to build Layout templates from ground up. This site would in time cover not only the basics but documents designs at the elementary or detailed level. By understanding the elementary behaviour then only can a designer proceed to create complex Layout templates.

A technical manual should be an instrument of speed where the reader wishes to find as much info as possible, as quick as possible, with as little in the way as possible.

Covered in this site:
  • Blogger Layout Template XML reference
  • Examples of Blogger Layout Template XML
  • Building a Blogger Layout Template from ground-up
  • Designing a Template to interact with Blogger configuration wizard

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The Barebones Anatomy of a Blogger Layout Template