Projects & Fund Raisers

Sanda Diya Uthura
Come join us for a fun-filled evening on 10th, November 2012.


Come join us for a fun-filled evening on 12th, November 2011.


All Proceeds from this concert strengthened the school development fund of the GHK.


    Projects Undertaken by the OGA at present:
    • A project to build the school archives and the OGA office along with a music and dancing room which the school is in need for a long time.
    • Refurbishing the school office.
    • Landscaping of the front section of the school.
    • Main hall stage wooden plank project.
    • Needy student project.


    We encourage your contributions for:

    • General Maintenance project.
    • Sports fund.
    • School archives project.
    • OGA premises project.
    • Landscaping project.
    • Needy student project.