About Us!

Old Girls’ Association of Girls’ High School Kandy having completed 102 years of its existence this year since March 1909 (06.03.1909 to 06.03.2011), and have rendered a great contribution to the development activities of the school.

The association is involved in the administration of school by way of helping the year one admission panel.  We have contributed immensely for the development of school infrastructure, helping needy students, assistance for sports and extra curricular activities, felicitating past teachers and events for the general membership and also for charitable work to the community. 

Our Mission!

To bind together all past members of Girls' High School Kandy in a fellowship which shall be real and lasting.
To ensure a close relationship between the staff of the school and members of the Old Girls' Association.
To keep the old girls in touch with the school and with each other, and to supply them with news of the school and OGA activities.
To give an opportunity to old girls to continue to the present life and betterment of the school by their advice in every way, which may be possible.

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