Recent Results

Laurie was the evening's winner at 3-1 +232

Gary got the high game of the night for the second session in a row with a score of 487 

Gary also had a triple-triple and set the club record for high play with REIMAGED - 176

Laurie got the high loss of 468

Gary and Laurie both played the same Collins bingo - EATERIE#.  Laurie also played the "looks so wrong" word - MEDCINAL# .  A passerby even informed me of the misspelling!  

Other Collins plays - PUY/YU/UR (Gary)

Our next session will be in two weeks on December 19 at the Starbucks at Camelback and 16th St.  Special holiday prizes!   

Click here for results from the 12/5/17 session 

Future sessions:  Dec 19, Jan 16



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