Recent Results

Welcome to Sedona who joined us for the first time!

The new location at the Coffee Plantation in Scottsdale worked out well, so we'll meet there in the future.

Laurie was the evening's winner at 3-1 +499.  Godwin was second with 2-2 -206.  Sedona was also 2-2. 

Laurie had the high game of 489, Godwin had a 480 game.  

Gary got the high loss of 410

Interesting Collins word - Laurie played the Collins-only word - RORTIEST

Interesting TWL Word - Gary played CHILLAXE which is a phony, but it's good without the E

Our next session will be on February 27.  

Good luck to everyone playing in the Phoenix Tournament this weekend!
Click here for results from the 2/13/18 session 

Future sessions:  February 27, March 13



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