Recent Results

We had our second session of the newly named Valley Scrabble Club on October 10.  Larry was the winner at 3-1 and Gary was second with a 2-2, +10 record, just edging out Godwin's 2-2 +7.   

Gary got the high game of the night - 505.  Godwin had the high play - LIQUATE for 122. 

Some interesting Collins plays include NEAPING by GARY and ORNATER by Laurie.  Other CSW words include TWAY, HUER, and ZO.  Larry played SANDINGS which was a phony in the TWL game, but is good in Collins! 

Good TWL plays:  In his game with me, Godwin bingoed out with OVERDARE, hooking the R on HOMIE to make HOMIER

High non-bingos - SQUAT (74, Larry), QUIZ (66, Gary), APATHY (60, Gary)

Our next session will be in two weeks on Tuesday October 24.

Click here for results from the 10/10/17 session 



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