Lessons Learned in 2016:

Throughout the year, being part of the robotics team has allowed us to learn some important lessons, such as how to work as a team and manage time.

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Effective communication and teamwork allowed us to learn how to come up with a strategy for the task that we were going to complete: stacking heavy boxes and garbage cans. We thought about the ways most teams would be trying to score points and how we could organize a different strategy, namely, by building a sturdier robot capable of picking up more crates than any of our other competitors.

We learned time management by organizing the schedule and, as a team, by adhering strictly to that schedule in order to get the robot finished. Staying on track is important in such a venture, as even the slightest delay can create the biggest problems for time management, budget regulation, and construction.

As a part of staying on track, to get the robot finished, planning ahead was important. We needed to plan ahead to know what type of robot we were going to be building and what we were going to accomplish within a given time period. Planning does not only apply just to robotics team. It also applies to the outside world, in places like school and is a necessity when one takes a job, whether it be accounting or engineering. Through the F.R.C team, we all learned how to become effective planners

All of these lessons helped us to become an effective team, which helped us along the way into the tournament. Without these lessons, and without each other's support, it would have been even harder for us to have been chosen to be on an alliance team and earn second place in our event..