welcome to temelkatch tazabi

I am watching you!

Temelkatch Tazabi is a "tazabi" who just watches, documents and talk whenever it is really necessary.

Temelkatch watches almost all the places physically as well as virtually. The ranges include Ethiopia, US, UK, India, Australia and places where there is significant population of Ethiopians across the world. Temelkatch is mainly concerned about the prisoners of conscience and will do everything she can to the release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia.

I have the blog http://temelkatch.blogspot.com for rare but exclusive updates. It would be good if media people visit the blog once in a while to get news for the public and concerned in cases of those news they do not come across.

Will try generating email to some media addresses I have everytime there is an update. If you want to be included in the list please forward your email address.