Del Mar Race Horse Rescue

Barney was too big to race being that he is over 17 hands, instead of going to slaughter he was rescued.

Coco was rescued many years ago from the race track she is now 29 years old and doing very well.

Dede is our latest rescue she has been with us for a year in September, she is full of life and can live one now.

George is a gelding that is full of love and life and because of being rescued he can live a great life.

Irish is a chestnut gelding and is recovering from an old injury, he gets Bute daily for the pain.

Maddie is a chestnut mare and she cribs which horses do when they are bored and nervous.

Silver is a grey mare and she is doing really well these days, she is eating again, and putting on weight.

Lori Hudson has made this all possible with her love and rehabilitation skills, she has been saving horses from the race track for over 25 years and is in need of donations.  She is only one person who is currently taking care of nine horses.  She is in need of shots, teeth floating, feeders and always in need of food.  They eat at least 50.00 of food a day, which does not include their supplements and medicine.  Call Lori if you can help in anyway at 760-861-1224

GOD shines HIS LIGHT on these horses they are a blessing and we will do what it takes to SAVE their lives!