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Day0: Mowatt Landing

Toronto - Up at 7:25 AM. Check weather. Rain and clouds and southwest wind forecast for Monday and Tuesday. Sun thereafter. Coffee pot filled to the brim. Jack and I drive to Ed's and we convoy  to pick up Arch at airport. We hang-out at the "Cell phone"  parking lot at airport waiting for Arch's call. He calls and we pick him up like clockwork.

Long drive North.  Stopped at Webbers for so-so hamburgers.

Arrived at Mowat Landing after seven hours.

Met Trevor and he set us up in the rented cabin and we got settled. There was a bear skin hanging on the wall - how cool is that? Trevor gave us advice on where to go and where to fish he said there are some beauties above the "S" in Sucker Gut Lake on the map. Trevor told us to tune into 104.5 FM for weather (which we did several times throughout the trip).

The boys got lessons on compass-and-map navigation from our resident "full-time Zorger”.

We smoked cigars on the porch and told stories of old time 'greeneh' from Winnipeg - Hungarians, Romanians, Czecks, etc.  Jack tells a tale of woe about the guy who said that he Batters his zest for life out of him. This becomes a slogan of the trip.

Pokey enjoying a little "zhlog"

Arch check the satellite phone -- works fine. Morris is feeling good.

The boys disperse to the various sleeping rooms when the generator goes off at 11:00pm. Ron slept on the bottom bunk -- Ed on top. However, one of the support slats were missing. So Ed's Tokhas was bulging in Ron's face causing fear all night long.