2018 Call For Abstracts

The window for authors to submit abstracts for the ASEE 2018 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 24-27, 2018 is open.

Technological and Engineering Literacy - Philosophy of Engineering Division (TELPhE Division) invites authors to submit abstracts for papers related to:

  • Engineering for Everyone / Engineering for Non-Engineers.
  • Best Practices - Results from Successful Engineering or Technological Literacy Programs at Community Colleges and Universities.
  • Minors in Engineering or Technological Literacy.
  • Teaching the Teachers: Engineering for Education Majors.
  • Linking K-12, Community College, and University Programs in Technological Literacy.
  • Helping Engineering Students Achieve a Broad Understanding of Technology.
  • The Relationship Between Technology, Engineering, and Science.
  • Technology and Society: Social, Political, and Economic Issues.
  • Engineering Design as a Liberal Art.
  • What the History of Technology Can Teach Us About People and Technology.
  • Perspectives and Issues Concerning Women and Minorities.
  • Learning Objectives and Student Outcomes / Relevant Assessment Tools and Techniques.
  • Concepts and Philosophy in Engineering Literacy.
  • Defining Engineering Education.
  • Assessing the infiltration of technology (drones, personal lasers, 3-D printing, 3-D scanning, nano-technology, smart phones/smart cards) into the public domain and the understanding of technology.
  • Engineering for non-engineers as part of the general education curriculum.
  • The philosophy of engineering and technological literacy as a function of the educational process.
  • Rationale for how such a philosophy can help develop a deeper understanding of technological and engineering literacy as an educational field.
  • Reflecting how engineering and technological literacy and the philosophy of engineering develop our capacity to use, understand, and evaluate technology and the technological principles and strategies needed to develop solutions and achieve goals.
  • The philosophy of engineering and technology as a function of gender.
  • Reflective writing for learning, teaching, and professional insight to facilitate technological literacy and to foster the development of a philosophy ofengineering.
  • Works in Progress: The division is also interested in papers describing work in progress – projects designed or begun but not yet complete in their dataand conclusions. If submitting a paper of this nature, please note in the title and/or abstract that this is a ‘work in progress’ to be considered for this category.

Submissions must be completed electronically. The abstract submission deadline is October 16th, 2018. Details for abstract submission are posted on the ASEE web site, https://www.asee.org/conferences-and-events/conferences/annual-conference/2018/papers-management/for-authors Due dates and times indicated on the ASEE website will be followed. For additional information including deadlines and guidelines, refer to http://www.asee.org for the upcoming 2018 conference.

All paper submissions are publish-to-present. Paper submission is a two-step review process consisting of an abstract submission (Abstracts shall be 250-350 words in length.) for review and potential acceptance, followed by a full manuscript submission for review and potential acceptance. Both the abstract and the final paper must be accepted to present at the conference and for inclusion in the conference proceedings. At least one author for each paper is expected to register for and present at the conference.

For more information, please contact the Technology Literacy Division - Philosophy of Engineering Division Program co-Chairs: