This tool aims to offer code generation for all. 
It's a pragmatic tool, light and easy to use.  No UML model required, just your database !

The Telosys Tools plugin  is available on Eclipse Marketplace   

Telosys Tools is a Free and Open-Source Software.

It provides scaffolding capabilities, it's possible to generate CRUD screens in a few minutes.

The big picture :

The "Telosys Tools" plugin is designed to generated and update a lightweight model ( the "repository" ) built from an existing database structure.
This repository is used as a model by Velocity templates to generate the application source files.
The templates are customizable in order to generate any kind of artifacts

The code generator is independent of the project environment. 
It can be used to generate different kinds of artifacts.

Any kind of language :

Any kind of framework :

The source code is hosted on Google Code

Support the project

   Version 2.1.1   
is available.

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