Thanks for considering the opportunity to partner with TELL YOU WHAT BBQ! TYWBBQ is a competition BBQ team located in Rockland County, New York (20 miles north of New York City). Our team is comprised of professional educators who enjoy BBQ and the camaraderie associated with cooking. Currently, we are interested in partnering for ADVERTISING and/or SPONSORSHIP'S.

TYWBBQ is active in KCBS and NEBS competitions each summer throughout the eastern seaboard.  Our members regularly attend classes from proven champions on the circuit each year.  The team has been asked to pilot and review various types of rubs and sauces in our R&D lab as well as in live competition.  Our blog and website is continually updated and viewed by thousands of BBQ enthusiasts each year. Additionally, we have built up a very large and active following on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

If you decide to partner with TELL YOU WHAT BBQ we will promote you/your product online and at our events! Your logo/product will be prominently placed on our website and your ad-banner will be hyper-linked to your existing website, if applicable. Contact us so we can discuss WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Ideally, if you decide to become an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of TELL YOU WHAT BBQ Competition Team we will place your ad-banner on our site for one year, compose and publish a SPONSOR REVIEW of your company/product, mention your company/product on FACEBOOK AND TWITTER and prominently display your company name/logo at all TYWBBQ events.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We would be thrilled to work with you and develop a personalized, unique advertising/sponsor partnership that will be mutually beneficial. We look forward to working with you.