Those who can, do...those who can't, teach...those who can't teach, BBQ!

Established in 2008, TYWBBQ is quickly turning into the premier Competition BBQ team in suburban NY...certainly the top team in the entire Village of Sloatsburg at press time. This ragtag band of current and former high school teachers are united by their love of breaking each others chops and savoring quality BBQ. And BEER too!!  A select fraternity for middle aged fathers, community service warriors, BBQ aficionados and disgruntled coaches is a great way to describe this outfit.  Accompanied on their many adventures by the ever faithful RV, The Mallard, TYWBBQ is set to avoid their wives & children and take the BBQ world by storm!

Born out of the desire to create succulent carnivorous dishes at various NASCAR events, TYWBBQ eventually found the KCBS circuit and the collection of hardware began. The team has an assortment of smokers that ranges from Coach BEEF's  mortgage payment-esque Backwoods Smoker to the TrashMan's homemade UDS that set him back about $37.  The Development Team also is working furiously with a few members to wean them of their addiction to natural gas and move them to the better fossil fuel—charcoal!  TYWBBQ is also available to handle all of your BBQ catering needs in the Hudson Valley area.  Don't be scared...we are professionals!  At TYWBBQ, we don’t claim to be perfect…we just claim that our food is!!