Tell When Done

Version 1.6.0
Dated 10 Jan 2012

Freeware, Portable
(c) 2011-2012 Anand K Gupta


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Description (of the application) :

Watches a program window, which is doing some process, and tells when it has done it's processing. Effectively freeing the user to do another job in another window, without worrying about it.

Press hotkey Win+t on a program window, which is doing some process, to watch it.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings`, to define the hotkey and other values.

Benefits (of using it) :

Many a times I run a program which does some process and displays a report/log etc. This program just shows a spinner/marquee which means I may have to wait 1/10/30 etc. minutes depending on the process. It also happens that I need to take next step after it has completed the process. Some programs do show some notification alert if it is in the background but many do not.

Now while watching the spinner, I feel like having a quick look at my Twitter stream/ Facebook notification/ New unread mail etc. So I just switch to another window do the look and switch back to find that the process is still going on.

I do this switching and at one time get so engrossed in reading new mail and its link that I forget when 20 minutes has gone by. I suddenly realize and switch back to find the program has done it's processing long time back.

Enough. I am the master of the computer and not the other way around. I want all programs to tell me when it has done it's process, so that I can concentrate on useful work instead of looking at a spinner.

Tell When Done is born.

Pressing Win+t (changeable) hotkey on the program which is doing some process, activates it to watch it and tell me when it has done the process. The notification is displayed above all windows so that I can not miss it.

Reviews (of the application) :

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dotTech : http://dottech.org/freeware-reviews/25720/be-notified-when-programs-are-done-processing-with-tell-when-done/

Install and uninstall (on computer) :

To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Tell When Done", and run the "Tell When Done" exe.
To uninstall, right click on tray icon of "Tell When Done" and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the "Tell When Done" folder and remove the "Tell When Done" folder.

To make this program start with Windows, please check below link for the steps to add shortcut of a program into the startup folder in more details, each accompanying with visual image.


Anti-Virus reports malware (what to do?) :

Delete the exe and it's folder. There is nothing we can do as this is false alert and we do not have resource to request all Anti-Virus companies to update their database. Similar problem is faced by small developers worldwide, check below links,
Nir's Blog
DowloadSquad's report

Similar applications (if any) :

Many process tamer, process killer etc. but the concept is different.

Contact (for feature request, bug report etc.) :

Go to Feedback page to check latest feature request and submit your feedback.
You can also email me for sending screen shot of your problem with this software.

Freeware (why?) :

As a developer, we work for commercial ventures in our day jobs, and code something more personally interesting in our spare time. We get more pleasure in making the application, which in turn helps us in our day to day activity and may also benefit others. We use freeware software made by other developers, so we feel happy if we are able to make small contribution to this freeware community.

Hope you will find this software useful.