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Welcome to my home page! I hold the Ragnar Söderberg Professorship of economics at Stockholm School of Economics. I am also an adjunct professor at Norwegian School of Economics in my hometown, Bergen.

Below, you can find my CV and links to some of my publications (published versions when permitted; otherwise, drafts).

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Recent manuscripts

Rational Bubbles in UK Housing Markets (co-author David Domeij): Current version 14 May 2019.

Law and Location (co-author Eirik Gaard Kristiansen): Current version, 18 April 2019.

Fair and Square: A Theory of Managerial Compensation, (co-author Eirik Gaard Kristiansen): Current version, 28 March 2019.

Decency, (co-author Erik Mohlin), Current Version 11 March 2019.

Bond-Boom Recessions (co-author David Domeij): Current version 18 April 2018.

Monetary Policy in Incomplete Markets (co-author David Domeij): Current version 18 April 2018.

Trade Credit: Contract-Level Evidence Contradicts Current Theories (co-authors Tor Jacobson and Erik von Schedvin): Current version January 2016.


Rational Bubbles and Public Debt Policy (co-author David Domeij): Journal of Monetary Economics 96, 109-123, 2018.

How Does Communication Affect Beliefs in One-Shot Games with Complete Information? (co-authors Robert Östling and Erik Wengström): Games and Economic Behavior 107, 153-181, 2018.

Does Gender Diversity Promote Non-Conformity? (co-authors Makan Amini, Mathias Ekström, Magnus Johannesson, Fredrik Strömsten), Management Science 63(4), 1085-1096, 2017.

Confining the Coase Theorem: Contracting, Ownership, and Free-riding (co-author Elena Paltseva) Review of Economic Studies 83, 547-586, 2016.

Tough Negotiations: Bilateral Bargaining with Durable Commitments (co-author Topi Miettinen), Games and Economic Behavior 87, 353-366, 2014.

Do People Care about Social Context? Framing Effects in Dictator Games (co-authors Anna Dreber, Magnus Johannesson, and David G. Rand), Experimental Economics 16, 349-371, 2013.

Gender Differences in Social Framing Effects (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Johanna Mollerstrom, and Sara Munkhammar), Economics Letters 118, 470-472, 2013.

The Private Provision of Excludable Public Goods: An Inefficiency Result (co-author Elena Paltseva), Journal of Public Economics 96 (9-10), 658-669, 2012.

Social Framing Effects: Preferences or Beliefs? (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Johanna Mollerstrom, and Sara Munkhammar), Games and Economic Behavior 76 (1), 117-130, 2012.

The Evolution of Parental Investment: Re-examining the Anisogamy Argument (co-author Jack Robles), Journal of Theoretical Biology 299, 113-119, 2012.

Conspicuous Generosity (co-author Magnus Johannesson), Journal of Public Economics 95 (9-10), 1131-1143, 2011.

What You Sell Is What You Lend: Explaining Trade Credit Contracts (co-authors Mike Burkart and Mariassunta Giannetti) Review of Financial Studies 24 (4), 1261-1298, 2011.

Financial Contracting under Imperfect Enforcement (co-author Eirik Kristiansen). Quarterly Journal of Economics 26, 323-371, 2011.

Strategic Risk and Coordination Failure in Blame Games (co-author Robert Östling), Economic Letters 110 (1), 90-92, 2011.

A Randomized Trial of the Effect of Testosterone and Estrogen on Verbal, Fluency, Verbal Memory, and Spatial Ability in Healthy Postmenopausal Women, (co-authors Liljana Kocoska-Maras, Niklas Zethraeus, Angelique Flöter Rådestad, Bo von Schoultz, Magnus Johannesson and Angelica Lindén Hirschberg), Fertility and Sterility 95 (1), 152-157, 2011.

When Does Communication Improve Coordination? (co-author Robert Östling), American Economic Review 100 (4), 1695-1724, 2010.

Anchoring and Cognitive Ability (co-authors Oscar Bergman, Magnus Johannesson and Cicek Svensson). Economics Letters 107 (1), 66-68, 2010.

Testing Guilt Aversion (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Gaute Torsvik and Sigve Tjøtta). Games and Economic Behavior 68(1), 95-107, 2010.

Trust and Truth (co-authors Magnus Johannesson, Jannie Lilja, and Henrik Zetterqvist) Economic Journal 119 (534), 252-276, 2009.

The Aversion to Lying (co-authors Magnus Johannesson and Tobias Lundquist), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 70(1), 81-92, 2009.

Time Is Not Money(co-author Magnus Johannesson), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 72 (1), 96-102, 2009.

A Randomized Trial of the Effect of Estrogen and Testosterone on Economic Behavior(co-authors, N. Zethraeus, L. Kocoska-Maras, B. von Schoultz, A. Lindén Hirschberg, M. Johannesson) PNAS 106 (16), 6535-6538, 2009.

Commitment and Conflict in Bilateral Bargaining (co-author Topi Miettinen) American Economic Review 98(4), 1629-1635, 2008.

Verbal Feedback Induces Prosocial Behavior (co-author Magnus Johannesson) Evolution and Human Behavior 29 (2), 100-105, 2008. Appendix.

Pride and Prejudice: The Human Side of Incentive Theory (co-author Magnus Johannesson) American Economic Review 98 (3): 990-1008, 2008.

Paying Respect(co-author Magnus Johannesson) Journal of Economic Perspectives 21(4), 135-149, 2007.

Is Generosity Involuntary? (co-author Magnus Johannesson) Economics Letters 94, 32-37, 2007.

Sunk Costs and Fairness and in Incomplete Information Bargaining(co-author Magnus Johannesson) Games and Economic Behavior 50, 155-177, 2005.

Does Impartial Deliberation Breed Fair Behavior? An Experimental Test (co-author Magnus Johannesson) Rationality and Society 17, 116-136, 2005.

Is There a Hold-up Problem? (co-author Magnus Johannesson) Scandinavian Journal of Economics 106, 475-494, 2004.

In-Kind Finance: A Theory of Trade Credit (co-author Mike Burkart) American Economic Review 94, 569-590, 2004.

Promises, Threats and Fairness (co-author Magnus Johannesson) Economic Journal 114, 397-420, 2004.

Fixed or Flexible? Wage Setting in Search Equilibrium (co-author Åsa Rosén), Economica 70, 233-250, 2003.

Monitoring and Pay (co-author Magnus Allgulin), Journal of Labor Economics 20, 201-216, 2002.

Does Evolution Solve the Hold-up Problem? (co-author Jack Robles), Games and Economic Behavior 39, 28-53, 2002.

Monetary Policy and Market Interest Rates (co-author Ulf Söderström), American Economic Review 91(5), 1594-1607, 2001.

Foreign Direct Investment and the Political Economy of Protection (co-author Karl Wärneryd), International Economic Review 40, 357-379, 1999.

Externalities vs Internalities: A Theory of Political Integration, Journal of Public Economics 68, 251-268, 1998.

Sticky Consumption and Rigid Wages (co-author Steinar Holden), in Brakman, van Ees and Kuipers (eds.): Market Behavior and Macroeconomic Modelling, Macmillan, 1998.

Efficiency Wages and X-Inefficiencies, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 99, 581-596, 1997.

The Evolution of Bargaining Behavior, Quarterly Journal of Economics 112, 581-602, 1997

Price Signals Quality: The Case of Perfectly Inelastic Demand, International Journal of Industrial Organization 16, 43-61 1997.

Countertrade as a Strategic Commitment (co-author Lars Stole), Journal of International Economics 40, 67-84, 1996.

On Flexibility in Oligopoly, Economics Letters 48, 83-89, 1995.

Cardinal Utility: A History of Hedonimetry, in M. Allais and O. Hagen (eds.), Cardinalism: A Fundamental Approach, 105-165, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1994.

Strategic Buyers and the Social Cost of Monopoly, American Economic Review 81, 648-657, 1991.

Some works in Swedish

2012 års Ekonomipris till Lloyd Shapley och Alvin Roth, Ekonomisk Debatt 40, nr 8, 13-22, 2012 (w/ .

2009 års Ekonomipris till Elinor Ostrom och Oliver Williamson för forskning om ekonomisk organisering, Ekonomisk Debatt 37, nr 8, 5-20, 2009.

Normer, känslor och ekonomisk vetenskap, Ekonomisk Debatt 36(6), 7-16, 2008.

Teorin för allokeringsmekanismer, Ekonomisk Debatt

Spelteori: Analys av konflikt och samarbete, Ekonomisk Debatt 34(1), 30-43, 2006 (w/ J. Weibull).

Debattdöden, Ekonomisk Debatt

Sex, knark, och pensionssystem: Sökande efter folkhemmets skäl, Ekonomisk Debatt