An award-winning adult dance group, who perform and entertain audiences
throughout the greater Knoxville Area.


 The group originated in the retirement community of Tellico Village, Loudon, TN in 1993 when retired dance teacher, Marilynn McKenna, invited several women to tap with her as a form of exercise. The group has now expanded to include women from many areas of Knoxville and is affiliated with the Academy of Dance Arts in Lenoir City, Tennessee. As the group developed, the Tappers became closely involved with their community and began to perform regularly for nursing and assisted living facilities, local fund raisers and charity events. Their reputation and popularity has increased.

In 2006 we received a Platinum Award at the Dance Masters of of America competition and have expanded their venues to include such events as the Honda Hoot, The Dogwood Arts Luncheon at the Knoxville Museum of Art, Senior Day at the Knoxville Zoo, the City of Knoxville's 4th of July celebration, Covenant Senior Health Awards Celebration, and Musical Mondays at the Tennessee Theatre.