Circle the Wagons
November 6-8, 2009

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Photo Credits: Keith Rivard





Caney Creek Rally
July 15-17, 2009




Photo Credits: Dale Weidinger

Dick, you and Bert are just going to have to
wait for the others, besides, I haven't even
had my coffee yet!
"Bob, if you lift that lid before he's cooked, he'll get away for sure!' ..."Maybe Roy, but he was pretty limp on your bumper."  Bob explains how the scoring is kept. Score keepers are fair but can be bought.....hey, we're in Tennessee!
How far ahead did you say the gals are? Ok Bert, but if you cross that line once more I'll give the points to Steve. Bert, I warned you! Steve, you've got 'em.


Photo Credits: Bert Smoker

Which is the target? contemplation before competition Bob Kahlo
Jim Whittle Supreme Cook Dale Weidinger
Bob in rare form Shirley Cochran Under the ever watchful eyes!
Oh boy, a prize! I got one, as well! Our over all winner, Patricia!


June 2009 Rally

Music City USA - Nascar Races

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