"One Life... One City... One World..."
    ...the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. 
    Isaiah 11:9   

    Are you aware that only 2% of Christians share Jesus Christ?  Tragically, while 98% of Christians are silent, every year over 1 million children are abused, 1 million babies aborted, 19 thousand murders, 31 thousand suicides, millions addicted to drugs and alcohol, loneliness, hopelessness looms in the lives of those around us and the greatest travesty, millions die every year unsaved! 
    If you need help, click here For Vital Community Resources 
    The TeLL for Jesus Movement is a global movement inspired by Mark 5:19.  

     “Jesus said, go home to your family and friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you and how much He has had mercy on you.”

    Our mission is to inspire the 2 billion Christians worldwide to get involved in the life giving process of soul winning.    This is a vital movement for God to save a lost and dying world.  Christians are needed  throughout the city and around the world to share the life saving gospel message along with information to over 400 vital community resources to aide people in need.  
    The Movement uses a variety of tools and resources to equip every believer in the body of Christ to reach a world in need. 
                                    TeLL  Resources
                          Preparing Christians Around the Globe to TeLL for Jesus
    *TeLL Community Resources:  "A Guide to over 400 Community Resources"        

    *TeLL CDs: "No More Silent Witnesses"  Video (Now on You Tube)

    *TeLL journals: "How to Write & Share Your Testimony"
    *TeLL book marks: "Your Testimony in Brief always in Reach"
    *TeLL mentors:  "Contact a TeLL Mentor for Support at Bibleday@aol.com"
    *TeLL "Gifts for Life" (Share the gospel message & vital resources one gift at a time)


                                                   The Gifts for Life Project
                                                                 "Saving San Bernardino"
    The Gifts for Life Project & the Tell for Jesus Movement is uniting Christians all over the Inland Empire to save the poorest city in the United States of America, second only to Detroit. Churches are organizing and sending out members, block by block, assessing needs and distributing information about vital community and church resources along with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Christians are inspired to use their gifts & talents to meet needs of the 210,000 residents; many who are desperate and in need of food, shelter clothing, counseling, medical care, employment, and even extra curricular activities, unaffordable for many children.  As thousands give their time, gifts & talent, Gifts for Life are shared, keeping Jesus remembered! This is a life changing project for the city of San Bernardino. Join us at the Tell for Jesus rally as we begin uniting Christians here in the Inland Empire to meet the critical needs of this city. Invite others, send a representative from your Church to the next Tell for Jesus Rally.
    Believers  distribute small “Gifts  for Life” conveying the word of God along with vital resources to reach 59,000 homes in the city.  A gift that conveys God’s word is a powerful witness. It witnesses not once but continuously every time the gift is seen, touch or used,  Many are in desperate need of our help. 
    Here are ways you or your group can get involved.
    Join us in sharing the word of God along with vital resources to the 59,000 homes in this city one gift at a time.   Simply distribute  Gifts for Life to 10 homes or 10 people along with inspiring Christian family and friends to join us in this united effort.  
    Email Bibleday@aol.com to Save San Bernardino.
    Join us in reaching 59,000 homes in San Bernardino by inspiring your members to take 10 homes or 10 people and share  these powerful Gifts for Life conveying the word of God along vital resources.  
    Email Bibleday@aol.com  to Save San Bernardino. 
    Do you have a talent?  Use it to help people in the poorest city in America second only to Detroit.  People all over the Inland Empire are needed to render help to those in need.
    * tutoring                  *mechanic          *employment specialist         *teaching
    * college prep           *medical             *business planning                *bilingual
    * plumbing               *dental                *painting                               *beautitians/barbers
    * landscaping           *music                 *athletics                               *computers
    This is a groundbreaking movement.  Please prayerfully consider helping this tremendous undertaking for a city in critical need!   Email: Bibleday@aol.com
                                                          Gifts for Life
                                                                         Small Gift, Big Message


    Kids TeLL for Jesus                                                              
                                                                          Bible Birthday Party
                              "Lifting Up the Name of Jesus One Party At A Time"
    TeLL for Jesus unites with Bible Birthday Party, a Christian line of popular Bible story invitations for childrens birthday parties.  A new concept in childrens birthday parties.  A choice for believers.  Children everywhere will love these great, exciting, encouraging, educational, inspiring, colorful, animated Bible stories for their birthday party theme: 
              God's Creation      David and Goliath   Jonah and the Whale      Noah's Ark
                  To TeLL for Jesus with  Bible Birthday Party, Email Bibleday@aol.com 
    If you are a school, ministry or day care, Please Email Bibleday@aol.com
    for flyers to hand out or place in children's back packs to share this exciting
    concept for children's birthday parties.
                                    Our purpose is fulfilling The Great Commission


                        Please do not hesitate to save lives.  Every second someone dies.