Tellers Pipe Organ, Two Manual + Pedal. For Sale, from the estate of Dr. James Boeringer (1930-2014).

Two Manual + Pedal, Three ranks + one octave of three rank mixture: 
  • Pedal: Subbass 16', Gedeckt 8’, Principal 4’, Quint 2 2/3’ , Principal 2’
  • Manual I: Gedeckt 8’, Principal 4’, Flöte 2’, Quint 1 1/3’, Mixture III (13 note repeating)
  • Manual II: Gedeckt 8’, Gedeckt 4’, Nazat 2 2/3’, Principal 2’, Gedeckt 17th 1 3/5’
Built by Tellers Organ Company, Erie, PA; Opus 1124; 1971. Approximately 280 pipes.

The dimensions of the Tellers is 97" wide x 43" deep x 130" tall at the highest pipe, and the console platform is 62" x 62". Cables are on multi contact plugs, so the organ can be removed without de-wiring. The cable length is approx 10-12 feet. The blower lives in the base of the pipe case and runs on 120 volts AC. The console sits on a movable platform, but can be removed. The console conforms to American guild of organist standards. The woodwork is blonde oak. The action is electro-pneumatic unit action. The power supply works on 120 volts AC. All the switching is done with electro mechanical gang switches in the rear of the console. The condition of the organ is good, though one of the bass pipe mechanism needs attention and the key contacts and gang switches could be updated.

For sale at $6,000 or best offer. Buyer is responsible for transportation from Silver Spring, MD.

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