Welcome to Shane Telfer's research group website.  We are a team of synthetic chemists who design and make porous materials for applications in catalysis, gas capture and separations, especially CO2.

We are based in the Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand.  We are also proud to be part of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. We are currently leading a three-year project funded by MBIE to develop collaborative research links between MOF chemists in NZ and our colleagues at CSIRO in Melbourne.

Latest news      
Sept 2019  
Have a listen to our recent radio interview, which stemmed from our CO2  capture exhibit at Te Papa, the national museum.
Aug 2019
Caitlin arrives as an intern for three months. Another Aussie - welcome!
June 2019Lauren (PDF) from Australia and Camille (intern) from France join the group - welcome.
June 2019Subo takes out an award for his presentation at the MOF School in Italy!
April 2019Some super group news: Shikeale wins the best student prize at 3rd year level from the NZIC, and Subo makes us all jealous by being accepted into the MOF School in Italy this June.
April 2019
Our work on MOFs is generously highlighted in the latest MacDiarmid Institute annual report.  Read the full report here - it's really good.
March 2019Our MBIE-funded collaboration with Tom Bennett gets off to a flying start with a paper In Nature Materials led by the University of Cambridge on MOF glasses.
March 2019Working on gas separations is a lot of fun, especially when it results in a comprehensive piece of work. Here's Omid scoring a lovely goal in JACS.
March 2019Over the course of a few emails Qiaowei and I realised that we were working on the same MOF. Thus was born FDM-8: Check it out!
March 2019Our MBIE-funded collaboration with the CSIRO team underpins a beautiful paper on CUB-5 in JACS
Jan 2019 
We're thrilled to see Daniel's beautiful work on catalysis in multicomponent MOFs, well supported by Bernhard and Subo, pay off with a paper in JACS.
Jan 2019 Adil's hardcore synthesis efforts (ably assisted by Joel) reap the rewards with his paper on multicomponent MOFs with triazatruxenes as the threefold ligand. Now out in Chemistry - An Asian Journal. We're looking forward to the other papers in this special issue on NZ chemistry.

Dec 2018

The MOF2018 conference was a stunning success! Our group helped to host 630 international scientists in NZ for the week. Read more about the event here, and listen a radio interview with one of our high-profile delegates here along with a beautiful image gallery.

Nov 2018 
Our collaboration with Tom Bennett of the University of Cambridge and colleagues at CSIRO (and elsewhere!) bears fruit: Metal-organic framework glasses with permanent accessible porosity in Nature Communications. Nice write-up from CSIRO here and from  Nature here.
Nov 2018
Another aspect of the chemistry of multicomponent MOFs shines bright: Systematic Tuning of the Luminescence Output of Multicomponent Metal–Organic Frameworks in JACS led by Joel.  
April 2018 The first paper from our collaboration with U. South Florida and the Fujian Institute is published in check out ACS Nano: multimetallic nanoparticles derived from MOFs.
Feb 2018
Great news! Our friend and collaborator, Dr Carla Meledandri, has been awarded the 2017 Prime Minister’s MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Award - check out the full story here.
Dec 2017
We loved speaking at the Whanganui Science Forum - check out this brilliant write-up.

Dec 2017

Read about our research on gas separation materials on The Spinoff!

Oct 2017
Students from China who are interested in pursing a PhD in our lab are welcome to apply for these CSC-Massey scholarships.
June 2017
Brilliant news: together with four collaborators from around NZ, we have been awarded $1.5M over the next three years to work with researchers at CSIRO in Melbourne! The funding will be used to develop MOFs for applications such as greenhouse gas remediation and sensing. More details here and a write-up in the NZ Herald.
 June 2016 Check out this video from our collaborator in Australia giving and overview of the uses of MOFs. 
 Jan 2016 We are stoked to see our Nature Chemistry paper out online, made possible via excellent collaborations with our friends in Paris and Leuven and financial support from the Marsden Fund. Here's a summary of our work.