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The invention is evident that from the telescope tube that to cause a revolution in the development of astronomy. Nevertheless, from long before their invention, the astronomers already escrudiñaban the sky drew up celestial maps in which they located the stars. But, of course, single they could do it with that they were visible to simple Vista.

The humanity had famous astronomers five thousand years ago, which allows us to affirm that astronomy is a science of long history. Already in Greece, 600 years A.C. Such of Mileto explained and predicted eclipses of Sun and the Moon; on the other hand, it affirmed that our planet tapeworm forms spherical.

The first man that I use a telescope to observe the sky was the Italian Galileo Galilei. Nevertheless, the invention of the telescope not must him. Indeed, the children of short age of manufacturer of lenses, the Dutch Hans Lippershey, observed in one of their infantile pranks that the lenses of their father served, placed to certain distance to each other, to increase the images of the distant objects. The children ran, delighted to give account of the discovery to their father. And immediately Lippershey was put to make the first well-known telescope. Once obtained their rudimentary instrument - year 1608 ran - the details of the landscape of their region could observe with all comfort.

The word telescope it is formed by two Greek words: tele and skopein, that they mean, respectively, far and to observe; that is telescope it means instrument to observe what is far.

As soon as it had the news of the extraordinary invention, Galileo thought that it could be applied to the study of the sky. Thus modern astronomy was born.


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