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                                                             NEW ZINES!

Like "Alexander Bell's Texts Book" made from a selection of our received text messages. And "Steven vs. SMS" which comes straight from Steven's outbox.  Wouldn't Mr. Bell be proud?

Third but not least is Lou Anne's Lettitors to the Editors, "Winning the Fight Against a Losing Industry: one woman's brave battle against the injustices and inaccuracies of the printed news". She's a woman from Lansing, MI with a pen someone should probably take away and a husband named Winslow Pogue who has XXX illustration urges he simply cannot contain. This one is not for the faint of heart. Seriously. Winslow Pogue is a perv. Don't let it overshadow Lou Anne's wisdom.

The Alexander Graham Bell Texts Book

Steven vs. SMS

Lou Anne's Lettitors to the Editors


The Vday show.

Some shots from our Art Art Art show on Valentine's Day. Thanks to everyone who made it such a rockin party.

New Telephone and Soup!

The Newest Telephone and Soup serials/stills.

Telephone and Soup, the serial

The older but no wiser Telephone and Soup serials/stills.

Steven's new paintings

Steven's newest paintings as of.... some time more recent than the last time you came to our website.

Steven's Timbuktu paintings

Before San Francisco, there was Mali, West Africa. Here's bunch of Steven's work from there, most of which are portraits of folks he met in Timbuktu. From August to Decemeber 08 these pieces were at the Zenith Gallery in Washington DC as part of their winter show: "Zenith for Real". So, besides inauguration, ANOTHER reason to visit our nation's capitol.

Handmade stationary sets

Casey's latest creation: handmade stationary sets. The envelopes are made from magazines like Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, and Star. The cards she hand stamps. Go green or go home.


These are the bags we've been hand stenciling and embroidering. We're always in the process of making and passing along new ones, AND we take bag requests-- so if you're really aching for a donkey side bag in your life, lets us know! Group orders are very welcome. $12 each, two for $10.

Sake Books

We drink sake, we make books. Simple as that. Check out the whole shebang here. (

Pictures Plus Words

Casey writes, Steven draws/paints. The happy usual.


Steven is slowly turning into a jellyfish and wants to ensure that he will have lots of friends, so he's painted a whole crew of them to roll deep with.

Timbuktu, early sketches

Our book. It is coming along. Expect it all bound and pretty fall 2010 published with the fine folks at Roaring Brook Press. In the mean time, satisfy your intense urge for graphic noveling about Asia and West Africa by checking out these first draft sketches.

The Mali Books Project

American Friends of IEP is Casey and Steven's registered 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting local literacy in Mali by helping create, print, and distribute local language books around the region. Check out its official website at

We are Telephone and Soup.

You are Telephone and Soup.

All of these paintings, bags, zines, stencils and stationary sets are Telephone and Soup.

(We also go by Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg when duty calls.)

Telephone and Soup make friends with Porous Walker

Steven's been working at Receiver Gallery recently, helping them setup shows and such. This coming Saturday, April 1st, Porous Walker's new show "Me vs Me" opens (6-10pm). It's going to be a blast.

Porous is very open to collaboration and let Telephone and Soup join in on the fun.

Paint pens, huh? A lot of fun.
So come and see Porous' amazing show, and then a little bit of Telephone and soup snuck in there, too. (Yes, there might even be a little bit of Shitty Kitty, too.)

Oh, and for a more comprehensive look at the show as of last Monday, check out this great slideshow on Fecal Face - here.

See you Saturday @ Receiver 6-10 pm.
And Receiver is on Valencia, just past 25th. (On Google Maps.)

Go ahead, contact us: