Get Unlimted Voice Call with 11GB 4G Data at Rs. 1199

When you step out of your home or office what is one thing that you are bound to come across throughout the length and breadth of the major metro cities in India -  people engrossed in their mobiles. It can be while dining out, riding the metros, moving about in cabs, during office lunch hour and even when friends are visiting for a cup of tea and bit of chit-chat. The mobile is a great way to call and chat away with all old and new friends, share the latest pictures with your parents or debate with your cousins on your whatsapp group about the merits of the new restaurant that you just visited.

What makes it so easy to keep in touch as, when you please without worrying about bills? The answer to the question is simple – Mobile postpaid plans. They are budget friendly and allow you to call anyone, anywhere, anytime, without a thought and also browse to your heart’s content. Airtel, one of the first companies in India to enter the private telecom sector and offer mobile phones, has unlimited voice plans under its myPlan Infinity for all its customers at just Rs. 1199/- per month.

As per the plan, you can make and receive calls from home or office or from any corner of the country and surf 11GB data at 4G speeds and if per chance, the mobile is not enabled to receive 4G speeds, you will get 9 GB data. The ‘unlimited postpaid plans’ as they are more popularly referred to as also offer you a free subscription to their movies and music app also. 100 free sms a day are also part of the monthly plan. You can easily place the order for a new SIM online, just enter your details and in two simple steps you can switch to the Infinity plan. The user-friendly interface is bound to ease the process of purchasing or shifting to a new plan.

And, while buying, remember, the word ‘unlimited’ rules!  Yes, does that sound unbelievable - let us tell you, it’s not! Go ahead and make a search for a postpaid plan and you are sure to come up with unlimited search results as companies compete with each other to appease the ever growing database of mobile users. Companies such as Airtel are expanding their reach by doubling their network capacity and offering clear voice calls in all corners. You will be tempted by slogans shouting - we offer the best plans, but, don’t get confused or carried away. Choose one that is backed by a company of repute. Choose one that offers unlimited local and STD calls. Pricing is mostly competitive, but you should opt for companies that maintain exceptional service standards, both at the time of sale and after-sales. And, most importantly, choose one that will offer you clarity and uninterrupted connections during voice calls and promised speeds with minimum buffering as you use your data to browse for information or entertainment.