The idea for a new group for the hardware interests of the local open source community perhaps began in the Summer of 2011 just before the open source community stand at the Godiva Festival when I suggested to fizzPOP there might be enough interest in the Coventry area to start a similar group there. Later, in January 2012, announcements of improving the ICT curriculum in schools and developments with the Raspberry Pi a CovLUG member suggested a micro computer/computing subgroup, followed soon after by another member, inspired by his Arduino, suggesting a hardware subgroup.

Suspecting that interest in such a group would be wider than the LUG I embarked on an information gathering exercise amongst the local open source community and realised there was a call for a new independent group of which TekWizz is the result.

The Name

Came about with inspiration from a non-technical musician acquaintance and resulted in TekWizz, being a play on the words technical, wizards and wizardry with a bit of whizz. It is also intended to appeal to younger members - people had expressed in children being involved and having education connections.