Dream Land

Modern Utopian in the search of a perfect country

Maybe what I write here is just a dream, but I believe that this dream can be achieved if someone wants to help, in a very near future.

I will start my dream with a very small island surrounded by the ocean. One day, after reading this idea, the king of the island wants to change his country regulation according to this new idea of DreamLand.

The citizens of DreamLand are people who want to be a citizen. They join voluntarily to live there because they feel the benefit of being a citizen. The people who live in DreamLand should obey the basic rules of living and government regulations, of course, but they don't need to work if they don't want to. The government will provide their basic needs, such as food, house, clothing, transportation, education, health, utilities (gas, electricity, and water). The government will not impose any tax to the citizen, but all the resources and land belong to the government.

How can that be possible? I will explain later... read on 

How does all the finance and the supply come from?

Historically, the idea of DreamLand has come from the history human many centuries ago. As illustration:

  1. During Dark Age in Europe, people invented a chivalry system people who helped the King during the war will get a rank (just say for example, Knight or Duke) and become a noble citizen and own the land. The nobles get all their food, and money and basic needs from the farmers. The farmers work for the land because the nobles own the land. Therefore, the nobles get rich and the member of the nobles family is not supposed to work if they don't want to. The member of the nobles family get all their basic needs and of course they don't need to pay tax to their own father.
  2. During age of exploration, the European come to other countries and get the resources from the natives.
  3. Many plantations in Australia or America several centuries ago used slaves to work. The owners of the slaves get all their needs, and they don't need to work, rather than controlling their slave to work.

All of those illustrations can be generalized that the citizens of DreamLand can get all their basic needs without working if they have others who will work for them. Now, with modern technology, we are capable to make robots as our slave, our farmer, or our native in above theillustration from history.

The government of DreamLand is similar to the Knight or Duke, while the citizen of DreamLand is juost a member of the nobles family.

Instead of using robot for war or just mass production for individual company, the government must use robots to produce food, and the basic needs for the people. Then there will be no people hungry or homeless, no education, or no medicine. Every citizen of DreamLand gets certain money (allowance) from the government for his or her needs. All the basic production comes from the employment of robots by the government.

Are there rich and poor in DreamLand?

Certainly! There will always be a poor person among us. If they are lazy and only depending on the salary of the government, then they will be poor. At least they will not die because of hunger, or too cool because no heater during winter. The people who work hard and innovative surely will get more income and can do all their business as usual.

The government does not provide expensive entertainment or things that they want to own privately. Everyone, who wants to work as hard as possible, they can do their business. This idea is just provide safety net for the lowest unfortunate people.

So the system can be communist, socialist, capitalist, or whatever any other system you can mention, but it need to be modified as the ideas in the DreamLand.


Why do people want to sacrifice their personal land to the government? What is the benefit of this idea for the people who are rich now?

You are asking here about the changing from recent political law into DreamLand law. People want to sacrifice their personal land to the government or join DreamLand because there will be more security.

  1. If everyone get enough basic need, then only crazy person want to become criminal. Certainly, the crime rate is very low in DreamLand compare to the rest of the world. What is the benefit to own the land but the crime is high?
  2. If you don't need to work to get your basic need, then working is not a matter of survival. It is a matter of enjoying the work. You work because you want to work. You will feel more secure with your job and you will work better. Workings become a choice for you.

Therefore, in general, the quality of life in DreamLand is much better compare to the rest of the world.


If people do not need to work, isn't that encouraging people to be a lazy person?

I believe it is not. People become lazy if they don't like to do something. If you don't like to work, and you are force to work, then you will feel lazy to work. However, if you can do any work for the country and it is an option, then you can choose whatever job you like to do in your life. I don't think just sleep and doing nothing except eating is bearable for long time. Doing nothing is very boring job.


Who want to be a politician, police, farmer and other professional, etc if working is an option?

Whoever feels like to be. It is an option, so if you do it, it is mean you like to do it. Therefore, you will do it wholeheartedly. Don't you think that working is very interesting as long as you like the job? Of course, some boring job that can be automated by robots will be done by robots. Human job is just to control them.


Is the government control and provide everything?

No, the government is just a system created by human for improving human quality of life. The government only controls the basic things, and provides basic need. The term "basic" is here is undefined because it changes time to time according to human need. For example, two centuries ago, electricity is not a basic need, but now it is a basic need. Now, computer and robot is not a basic need, but who know it will become a basic need a century later.


How to put this idea into a reality?

Tell this dream to anyone, and eventually I hope one day someone may find a very good politician or very rich person who are interested to buy a small land and make all the robots and the facilities of DreamLand. Support that person by working hard as government or citizen. If one country started to use this system, it may influence other countries to use the same system and eventually the whole world will be a DreamLand.

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