Mediamonkey Scripts

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Simple Append

A simple dialog to add text to the end or start of text field.

Last.FM Node

Last.FM Node creates a custom node on the main tree, which can load tracks from your library based on several different xml feeds. It also includes a 'Last.FM DJ' mode which can auto-enqueue tracks from your library based on related track information from

Last.FM Node is a work in progress, not all features may work correctly or be fully implemented yet.

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TweakMonkey exposes some extra settings or changes in behavior that is not available in the default options.

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Version 1.01 (local) / 1.0 installer Hosted by Steegy

Old Version (I still to need to upload original tweakmonkeyconfig.vbs)


TopTracks peforms a similar function as ScrobblerDJ, except TopTracks currently works when activated by the user.

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mirror link: ScrobblerDJ126b2 (last known release)