The Computer Guy...

As technology advances, and computer systems become more powerful,  we find certain aspects of the technology grow easier, but at the same time we find there is more technology to care for and manage. 

Even with all these advancements we still have many of the same challenges as before.  Backups, system failures, system updates, attrition, network security. 

This is my specialty.  I enjoy these challenges, and I enjoy helping my clients solve them.  I have close to 20 years experience in many aspect of the technology sector. 
The most awarding have been positions where I am able to solve problems for clients on a daily basis. 

I also enjoy a challenge, and have success managing larger projects as well.

If you are looking for an individual to assist you with technology in a friendly and cooperative manner.  I encourage you to contact me (obligation free) to discuss how I can assist you.