Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy my free games! I also have most of my You-Tube videos here! If you like them, visit my channel:

Update Dec. 8:
New Youtube videos will be added each week in 2013; Subscribe if you don't want to miss out!
Many bugs corrected, new games coming soon!

Update July 3:
New videogame gameplay videos have been added, check them out at the link above.

Update June 29:
A new fighting game is in development for the site via Gamemaker.
New Youtube video series are here: The Typing of the Dead, Sonic 4, Sonic Generations, Batman: Arkham City and more!

Update Jan. 1:
Happy New Year!

Update Sept. 11:
Sidebar removed and replaced with horizontal navigation bar!
Game bugs are being fixed!

Update Sept. 7:
New video of the month coming soon!
Game bugs are being fixed!

Update August 14:
New logo banner and background!
New intro video!
Google Chrome theme updated!

Update August 3:
It's been a while since I have updated but this time i fixed all errors with the comment box,toolbar,games and typos!
New games and videos coming soon!

Update Mar. 20:
All bugs on this website in any web browser except one in IE9 have been fixed! 

Update Feb. 22:
 Toolbar updated!
We now have a total of 61 free games!
Video of the month updated!

Update Jan. 26:
New "Downloads" added to sidebar.We now have a toolbar for IE,FF,and Safari. And will have a app for IE,FF,and Google Chrome soon! 
Plus New "Hamster" Game added to Animal Games!

Update Jan. 14:
New "Gravity Guy" game added to Action/Fighting Games!

Update Jan. 2:
New "Deals" added to sidebar! Please check it out!
Mini Arcade added to games!
New game "Gyroball" added to Platform/Classic Games!

Update Jan. 1:
Happy New Year!
Video of the week coming soon!

Update Dec. 21:
"Disclaimer" added to sidebar.Please Read!
Custom TeknicalManiac Google chrome theme added!

Update Dec. 17:
"Contact us" added to sidebar!

Update Dec. 14:
New game added to racing games section!

Update Dec. 10:
Don't miss Army/Navy football game: Sat. Dec. 11 @2:00-6:00pm on CBS!

Update Dec. 7:
The Yolasite has idea has been discontinued.Teknical Maniac can now be accessed by the URl of: 
but our Blogspot is still being created!

Update Dec. 6:
Teknical Maniac is making a blog-site!
Working blog:

Update Dec. 5:
-New Simpsons clips added to YouTube channel!

Update Nov. 28:
-New logo added!

Update Nov. 27:
-"Live Radio" added to sidebar!
-PookyFish.co.cc added to "Links"

Update Nov. 25(Thanksgiving Day):
-Logo changed!
-"Polls" added to sidebar!

Update Nov. 23:
-"Live TV" is now working!
-Facebook Connect added to parts of the website!
-"Ship Battle" Game error corrected.
(Games with ad.s load while the ad. is playing)

Update Nov. 14:
-New Meebo chat box added!

Update Nov. 13:
-Games updated, and are now organized!
-Wheel Of Fortune surprise -  
This lady is amazing! Must Watch!