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Create a:

DVD of Home Movies:

Wish that you could easily organize all of your old family VHS Movies, but do not have a way to do it?

Send them to us and we will create a personal DVD that is playable with any DVD player.

Back-up DVDs:

Wish that you didn't have to worry about scratching all those DVDs that you bought, well contact us and we will create a duplicate of all your DVDs for you.


TV on the Computer:

Ever want to watch TV on your home computer, or ever want to record TV shows from your computer? Well contact us and we will help make this dream become a reality.

Projection TV:

Want to setup a projection TV, but don't want to hire an expensive setup guy, contact us, we will do all the setup for 1/2 the price.

Surround Sound:

Want to setup a surround sound system for your living room, but not sure where to start. Email us and we will help you pick out speakers, and help setup everything to make sure it works perfectly.