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Computer Running Slow:

Here are TekMin we specialize in optimizing personal computers to run at their best capabilities. We are able to clearly identify what is causing the computer to run slowly, and then provide a detailed list of what applications are causing the computer to run in this state.

We guarantee that we will increase the speed on your computer or your money back!

Configure Computer:

Have you recently purchased some software or hardware and do not know how to properly install the item? We have years of experience in setting up new software, and new hardware on personal computers.

Experience installing all software; Windows, Linux, Photo Shop, Adobe, and many others.

Experience installing all hardware; Hard Drives, RAM Cards, Sound Cards, Mother Boards, Video Cards, PCI Cards, Ethernet Cards, and many others.

Connect to the Internet:

Lost connection to the internet and don't know what to do?

Bought an Ethernet card but can not connect to the internet?

TekMin are here to help, we have installed thousands of Ethernet cards, and setup numerous internet connection systems. Using either wire or wireless setups we are experts in setting up, configuring, and maintaining an internet connection.